33 and found a lump

Hi All,


I’m 33 and two month ago I found a small hard lump on my breast which does not go away after my period. I’ve also had consistent low white blood cell counts in some recent blood tests which I’m due to repeat again soon as the doctor said she wanted to monitor it. My doctor isn’t aware of my breast lump yet, I have an appointment in a few days, but I’m worrying that the two could be linked? Has anyone else had the same?

Hi. I’m in exactly the same position. Talk to your doctor.i spoke to mine (2 days after my 33rd bday) and he said thy were probably totally unrelated. I was referred for a mammogram and ultrasound, which I had yesterday. The radiologist ruled out cysts and fibroadenomas, so I’m being booked in for biopsies. I have two large lumps which suddenly appeared and a smaller one they found in the ultrasound. My doctors reasoning for the low whites and the lumps not being linked is that my whites have been low for bout two years now. Whether there is a link or not, please do get checked out. I assumed that my lumps were nothing, and they probably still are, I just don’t know yet. Please don’t let this slide. Yes, it’s scary, but you don’t have peace of mind til you get checked. I know I probably haven’t helped at all, but I am in exactly the same place as you.
Best of luck to you x