33 year old female - grade II invasive ductal carcinoma with ER+ and HER2 -

Hi All,


I am Pranita, 33 with grade 2 invasive ductal carcinoma ER + and HER 2-. I am feeling very scared and alone.


Have had ultrasound, core biopsy, CT scan of body (results pending0, awaiting mri of breat and lumpectomy.


Is there anyone else the same age as me.


Many Thanks,


Hi Pranita, I’m sorry you need to find yourself joining us but a warm welcome to you anyway, we do have ladies of your age and plenty more across the forum who can help support you and answer any questions you have , it’s a very scary time in the early days of diagnosis especially at your age when it’s the last thing you would be expecting to have to deal with, do you have any close family or friends who can help support you? It’s always a good idea to have someone with you at any appointments as a second pair of ears as it’s all so hard to take it ,if you pop along to the recently diagnosed thread which you can find on the main page you will make contact with so many ladies going through the same as you are Xx Jo 


Here is the thread for you Pranita  Xx 

Hi. Im 33 and was diagnosed in october with grade 2 IDC ER+ PR- HER2-. Ive had a lumpectomy followed by radiotherapy. I got away with not having chemo with having a lowish oncotype dx score. Luckily my lymph nodes were clear and the margins around the tumour were clear.

Its left me feeling like im ready for the scrap heap tbh. I find myself trying to figure out why me? What have i done to cause this?

I see this was posted a few weeks ago. How you doing?

Hi Clearwaters,

I know this post is old now but identified with you in terms of age and no chemo. How are you getting on? Xxx