35 and under?

I’m posting on here because I’m looking for friends, in particular age 35 and under. Although I’m not opposed to having friends over 35 I have found it particularly hard in my local community to find other thrivers that are ‘so young’ and/or have young children.

I’m 33 I have a little boy and was diagnosed in June 2023 with TN MBC. I have been on immunotherapy and chemotherapy for three months now.



Sorry you haven’t had a reply yet hopefully me responding will mean someone notices your post .
You could also contact the someone like me service and see if they can match you up with another person of a similar age to chat to - I think it’s either on line or telephone contact ?

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This may be an option for you also , BCN organises get togethers for younger women with secondaries .


You’re not alone! Apologies, I haven’t been onto the forum in a while, otherwise I’d have replied sooner.

I am 35 and was originally diagnosed with TNBC when I was 32. I don’t have children and that is one of the things that I left too late in life I suppose. I’m still at work but have now reduced to 3 days per week, I got married a few months before my secondaries diagnosis in January last year, and I am determined to live life as much as possible for whatever time I have.

I hope things are going well on the treatment. Unfortunately, it is no longer effective for me and am just about to start Trogelvy (saying this I know a few others who have been on that treatment longer and I hope that’s the case for you). Wish me luck.

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Hi, I also think I’m switching to trodelvy too, will know more on the 27th… breast tumour has become so huge I look as though I’ve got a breast implant and has now had some serious issues.

Where in the UK are you? I’m from Essex- would love to chat more - am desperate to make friends who are on this journey.

Hope the trodelvy is going well :sparkles: