35 tablets (was: A rant and a moan)

Looking at the BCC home page recently, I noticed something about “35 tablets a day to manage my pain”.  That looks interesting, I thought - there was something about Twitter and “hidden effects” - I don’t do social networking so I’m not registered for Twitter.  Today I can’t find the “35 tablets” link!


BCC doesn’t have a dedicated email address for “secondary” bc (grrr… why not, BCC?) so I emailed the “info” email address on the Contacts page.  I have not had a reply.


I want to read that article - why am I unable to?


I have liver and bone mets, and now I need regular painkillers (fairly mild ones so far).

I also saw the link as well. Like you I don’t do social networking and tried to read it but I couldn’t … I assumed that it was because I was using my ipad… On my laptop yesterday I couldn’t find it. I also use painkillers for my bone mets and would hsve liked to read the article.

Oh well!,

Thanks, Lynn :slight_smile:

The box/link actually appears on this page, and now I notice that it says “… to manage my cancer” which is not quite the same… Those of us on capecitabine take several tablets according to individual prescribed dose.  Then there’s ibandronic acid for the bones… and maybe a calcichew or adcal supplement… and some of us have pyridoxine (vitamin B6) tablets to minimise side-effects of capecitabine… so it soon adds up.


Hopefully someone from BCC will enlighten us tomorrow morning.  If not, someone at the BCC HQ will be getting a phone call from me…

Another who tried in vain to read the article.
I also stay away from Facebook and Twitter. :slight_smile:

Dear All

My apologies for messing this up.  This is a photo which should not have been used on the forum as it was made and designed specifically for our social engagment platforms.  I wrongly placed it here and have very clearly caused some upset among you and for that I am very sorry.  This picture will be removed and changed asap.  The link to the Breast Cancer Awareness Month micro site were incorrect as well, again my apologies for this.

Best wishes


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Thank you for your explanation, Anna. 

Please could you ask the person who posted the “35 tablets” article on Twitter why she is not making it available to those of us with metastatic (“secondary”) breast cancer?  I believe that this is discrimination against those of us who choose not to do social networking. 

A very poor showing from BCC in Pink October.  :frowning: :frowning:

And please post the dedicated email address for “secondaries” in a prominent place, such as a sticky thread in the “I have secondary breast cancer” subforum.


Dear mrsblue and everyone on this thread

The full  story of Naomi who was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer at age 27 years and now takes 35 tablets a day can be viewed via this link breastcancercare.org.uk/hiddeneffects/other/i-was-27-years-old-naomi-thomas

Best wishes


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I got an “access denied” message when I clicked on the link.  I tried it while I was not logged in, so I logged in (to make this post!) and I still cannot read the article - same “Access denied” message.



denied me too :smileyfrustrated:

Me too, on iPad, if that’s useful info. :-/

Still access denied!!


Maybe it’s still under wraps until Monday, the one day in the year when we mets ladies are in focus?

I am so very sorry for the difficulties you have had accessing this story.  Our tech team have tweaked something behind the scenes this morning and everyone should be able to read and access this story now. 

Although Monday 13 October is the day dedicated to raising awareness of secondary breast cancer, we will be highlighting secondary breast cancer throughout the month of October.  Naomi’s story is just one of these instances.

best wishes


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Me too… thanks, Anna and the BCC team… go for it girls (and gents?)

Interesting… at the end of the article there’s a link - which I’ve not clicked on - “Secondary (metastatic) breast cancer”…thanks, BCC, for listening to us, maybe we aren’t second-class citizens after all!