36 - Breast Cancer - Terrified!

Finally brave enough to write on here after reading many other ladies similar experiences and traumas of BC which has given me hope and reassurance i am not alone in this.


Diagnosed a couple of weeks ago with Invasive Ductal Calcinoma grade 2. Oestrogen positive, HER2 negative. Nothing indicating at the moment that it has spread to the lymph nodes but I have been told this will be checked more in depth during surgery. Was in total shock and has been dealing with the roller coaster of emotions that have come with this, as know I am going to have to have chemo because of my age, then surgery, then rads. I had just got my head round everything until yesterday when i went back for an appointment expecting to be given dates for chemo and surgery, only to be told that they had found another lump on the same breast from the MRI i had last week! (didnt show on mamogram due to age and tissue type) This has set me back right to the start again as feel I have just been told all over again the worse news possible. They tried to reassure me that this doesnt change anything other than surgery, as only a masectomy is the option now. This i am fine with but feel like it is double worse beacuse there are 2 lumps and that it is spreading. Was content with being one of many like on this site going through this but now feel like I am becoming alone with uncommon issues :frowning:


Back in next week for results of the biopsy on second lump, although they already indicated its probably another cancerous tumour, and then to see oncology as will probably start chemo first a wk friday. I hate all the waiting around, its just frustrating.


I have 2 very beautiful girls aged 3 and 6 and they are what keeps me going right now. I wil fight this for them as I lost me mum when i was 10 years old and dont want them to go throught the same experience as i did.


Trying to stay strong but not sure i can take any more blows or unexpected news!

Hi Jenny,

You are certainly not alone, the best thing you can do is talk to people going through the same. Really sorry you have had this diagnosis though :frowning:

I’m 30 with two small boys (one is 3 tomorrow and the other is 7 months) and was diagnosed on 8th Oct, Grade 3 invasive Ductal with nodes involved. At the moment I am going through Chemo first before any surgery, had my 2nd cycle last Wednesday.

The waiting is definitely the hardest bit of it all. Once you have a treatment plan in place you will feel better.

One thing I have found that is invaluable is a Facebook group for ladies under 45 with Breast cancer. The girls on there are brilliant and really help when you have any question you want answering day or night. There are plenty on there that have had more than one tumour in the breast too. If this is of interest to you I’ll let you know how to find us :slight_smile:

Try not to panic, we are all here for each other xxx

Hello Jenny.

It is good that you have found the courage to join this forum - it is what keeps me sane and although we are all going on our own individual journeys together we can get help and support from each other - and some humour too :smileyhappy:

There are positives for you - Grade 2, HER -ve, oestregen receptive, one breast and so far no node evidence. The cancer is curable.

The good thing is that they are starting treatment soon, the chemo will shrink the lumps, the surgery I think most of us find is not so bad and then radio to complete the job.

You will then be very very closely monitored.

I think there is a facebook group which I’m sure someone will send you the link to for younger women (under 45) with breast cancer. This is supposed to be very good and they are likely to be facing the same feelings as you regarding your girls.

Good luck - keep posting!

Maggie x

Hi Jenny and welcome to the BCC forums where I am sure the support you have found will continue, please also call our helpliners for further practical and emotional support, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays on 0808 800 6000 and our team are waiting to support you during this difficult time

Here’s a link to further support from BCC specifically aimed at younger women which I hope you will find helpful, including our ‘younger women together’ events where you can meet up with others in similar situations and share support and experiences:


Take care
Lucy BCC

Hi Jenny,


I am recently diagnosed grade 3 smallish lump, and going for chemo first then elective DMX with recon.then Tamoxifen

Try not to worry about anything changing between when you first start this whole DX business and when you get started on the treatment to cure you… I have been reasssured by my surgeon and radiographer that that doesn’t happen. The main thing is to get all the tests done (which i LOATHE, like everyone i think they are the most stressfull thing) so the treatment is targetted specifically to be the very best it can be for you. No two cases are the same, and it seems that everyone has a mix of grades, stages, numbers etc. I’m no expert but I’m sure the chemo will be big and bold enough to tackle an extra lump or two!

Personally I will be mighty relieved when the magic chemo is sweeping through me taking NO prisoners!

You’re not alone sweetheart.

jane XXX

Thank you ladies. All your replies have really helped and feeling very reassured about things now.

Please let me know how you link up with FB page for younger women. Had a look but couldn’t find them in a search??

Many thanks x

Hiya jenny,

Search for younger breast cancer network uk (profile pic is three women sat down with YBCN underneath). Send them a private message with your details (age diagnosis location etc) and they will tell you what to do next. Hope you find us, everyone is really friendly and helpful xx

Hi Jenny,
I totally agree with Maggie, Katherine and kf - the initial diagnosis is hard to take in and naturally sends thoughts off in all kinds of directions and you are not alone - and can ask q’s, seek advice, just say how you are feeling, and sometimes (though I’m sure it doesn’t feel that way right now), even share the odd perhaps slightly humorous moment on here - with women who understand where this takes us.
I’m further down the line, diagnosed in spring…and am in a much better place now than then.
Be kind to yourself.