37 year old about to start chemo and terrified

I am a 37 year old mum recently diagnosed grade 2 2cm and 1 node ER+. About to start Chemo next week. Medical team all seem very confident but I am terrified that I won’t see my kids grow up, I had a cousin in her 30s who had this and died. Any reassuring words from survivors several years down the line? How do you get past the anxiety of thinking it might come back?

Hi Katflo,
There are certainly others here who are now a lot further down the line, most of us do get through it & it’s good your team are positive, there’s no reason not to be.
As this is a quieter part of the forum, if you haven’t already, do go to the ‘going through treatment’ board where, if you want to, you can join the ‘monthly chemo’ thread for March. There’s loads of support there from others where you are now, as well as others further down the line.
Wishing you the very best with it all.
ann x

Hi sorry to hear about the news . Just to reassure you that positivity is the greatest armour you can ever have at this stage . as a lot is running through your mind rememeber to stay positive . i was diagonised this time last year . age 37 , IDC  grade 3,  single parent with 2 kids . went through chemo, surgery and radiotherapy ( all through 10months ) . and go to job through 6months of it . I go to work because that is the only escape route i have that takes my mind of what cancer is doing to my body .  

start whatever makes you happy , and  you will be fine . and stay around to watch  your children grow . just dont lose hope . 

Hi Katflo
I haven’t been years in this process. I was diagnosed last July and have been through chemo, surgery and today finished radiotherapy.
I remember quiet clearly the fear you have now and at the time it is all consuming. I know it won’t feel like it just now but the further you get into your treatment the less these fears will consume you and the more confidence you’ll have that the treatment is doing it’s job.
Wish you all the luck in the world for this tough time ahead for you. Xx

Thank you ladies x