37 yrs old- Armidex and zoladex

A couple of weeks ago I was frantic about starting tamoxifen in the new year but I’ve since found out they want to start me on zoladex injections and armidex instead as apparently even more effective. Its apparently more potent and side effects possibly worse than tamoxifen (yay, isn’t life after bc great!!!). Anyone have any advice that have this treatment? Do you have a quality of life? Pain 24/7? I was a marathon runner before all this crap started, will I be able to run again or in too much pain to walk let alone run!!! Anñnny positive things to say about it??? Anyyyything at all???

Hi Emma

I’ve just started having the zoladex injections( about 6 weeks in) in combination with another drug. The injections are an im plant that go into your stomach and are painless. I don’t think that I’ve had any side effects from it, although early days. Also difficult to tell when in combination with radiotherapy as well! I certainly haven’t had any joint or muscular pain yet.

The positive side…keeps those cancer cells at bay?!

Hugs xx

Thank you, guess just have to try it and see what happens … think I just need to concentrate on mascectomy next Tues and radiotherapy before getting too ahead of myself!!xx

Hi Anita, glad to hear you are doing OK and hope your flushes are manageable (as can be). I guess the mind just plays awful tricks when reading others awful side effects and what some poor people go through. Hoping my body copes like yours and I hope you continue to do ok xx

I have been on Arimadex and Zoladex for almost 2 years now. The worst side effect to me is the hot flashes and bone pain. But, these are still better than the side effects I was having on Tamoxifen… I didn’t tolerate it at all!! I hope all you Pink Sisters have a Blessed and Merry Christmas!

Well I’m just over 2 months in and so far so good. … not a single side effect! Long may that continue!!