3D tattoo or nipple flap reconstruction?

Hello ladies


For those that have had either of the above please could you let me know your thoughts on it?


I am due to have nipple flap recon this week and am still not 100% sure.  It’s either go for that which will be finished off with tattoos in the end or just have a 3D tattoo (and no nipple reconstruction) and just be done with it.


If anyone could tell me what they think of going for either option and what the results were like that would be appreciated.


Thank you!






Hi Mysterymouse

I had my mastectomy in 2003 and was offered a nipple reconstruction decided agains it. I was given an amazing prosthetic nipple (even got it pierced) but I hardly wore it. In the end I chose to have a tattoo but not a nipple design. I went for a gorgeous flower and you can’t see the circular scar or dartboard as I referred to it. You can’t even tell i have no nipple. All you see is a beautiful flower.

It took me 5 years but with hindsight I realised I should have done it a good few years earlier as it made me feel differently about my reconstruction.

Only you can decide what’s right for your body. Take your time to decide. I hope my experience helps x

Sorry. Just re read your post and realised you will have already had it done. Hope it went well with which ever option you chose x