3rd Chemo - white blood cell count?

Hi to all of you
Unlucky or what Have had to have my chemo delayed again…
Thought after my previous post I would not be in the same position again but my white cell count is not good although better than for my 2nd chemo ( that was 0.3 )Had my FEC chemo cocktail adjusted so that I should not get this but hey ho here I am again! feel really fed up as was looking forward to being ‘halfway there’ ( 6 treatments before radiotherapy)
At this rate I might make Christmas! Aparently injections to boost white cells not an option. Sorry just sounding off as I know this is trivial compared to what a lot of you are going through…
Any thoughts would be appreciated

technician ( techo)

Hi techo,

Sorry your chemo is delayed again! My 4th FEC might be delayed due to low Haemoglobin!!! - It has been on the border line, but took a huge dive this time. Just got the news a few hours ago and waiting for reply from onc about what’s happening tomorrow.

Have they explained why the injection is not an option? I know I’m with private. But they did tell me on the NHS, they will give it when you have a prob with WBC. It’s quite expensive, that’s why they don’t give it until there’s a prob. There’s always the option to have a reduced dose.

Take care xx

Hi, techo, I could not have my second FEC last Thursday because of my WBC. I was told no injection but reduced dose this week, don’t know if it’s down to funding but am going to ask the question. I’m having 8 so might be Christmas Too.

Carol x

Hi Techo

I don’t know if it was coincidence or I was just lucky but my counts were slowly falling and for my 4th FEC they were 3.0 and 1.6. Someone suggested pomegranate juice so in the 24 hours before my last 2 blood tests I drank a litre of the stuff and on Monday for my 2nd Tax they were up to 6.6 and 4.86.
It might be worth a try!

Hi techo,

Sorry to hear about your delay. My second FEC (of 6) was also delayed due to low white blood counts. I am due my blood test tomorrow to find out whether I can go ahead with the third treatment. Like you I am keen to reach the “halfway” mark, actually I’m desperate to get to the end, but hey one step at a time!

I have had no mention of injections - perhaps it is something that is only offered if your blood counts are persistently low.

Michele - thanks for the tip on the pomegranate juice - might just have to nip to Sainsbury’s to get some before tomorrow.


the granocyte ( think thats their name) injections are given as a matter of course at our hospital, the district nurse comes and gives you it eevery day for 5 days. I had blood test mid cycle for first fec as felt ill, was neutrophenic at 0.8, so onc gave me the more effective neulasta injection for future cycles, which is one jab the day after chemo. He said he wasn’t allowed to give the neulasta first but if there are any problems he is then allowed to give them. I think its different nhs trusts policies whether they offer them or not.

Hi everyone! This is my first post on the forum. I’m 42,dx Dec.07 then regional recurrance under collarbone Feb.10. I’ve been on weekly Taxol chemo. for 20 weeks now (with breaks every 3)and have found a couple of foods useful. I have liquorice and beetroot juice for 3 days before my bloods and my neutrophils have stayed around 2 since the second week. The beetroot juice is called Beet It and is pretty horrible - I just hold my nose and glug it down! My BCN told me about beetroot, but I don’t know if it will work for everybody.

Sarah x

hi sarah

welcome to this forum! Where do you get the beet it juiuce from? Would like to try it.

Hi Tors - thanks for noticing my post! The dreaded "Beet it " juice can be bought in Morrisons and, I think, Holland and Barratts health shop. Hope it works for you - it does have an unfortunate tendancy to turn everything purple, though, if you get my meaning!

Sarah x