3rd Primary Covid Jab

Someone was asking about this the other day…but I couldn’t find the thread again.

Just sharing for information

Today I was offered my 3rd primary covid jab appointment for next week.  I will have my flu jab at the same time.  There needs to have been a 6 month gap from the 2nd jab  … I will then be offered my covid booster 8 weeks later (so 4 jabs in total) … I think many of the people on here who have had chemo in the last year will meet the criteria for eligibility of 4 jabs … I was told that its fine to have my covid jab in my leg but if I want the flu jab in my leg then I need to request beforehand as it is not covered by the PGD …I have now requested this and the GP will sign a PSD so I can have in my leg…so one in each leg ( I’ve had nodes removed on both sides so just don’t want to take any unnecessary risks) .

I finished chemo in November 20 so am eligible as I had my covid jabs within 6 months of finishing chemo. 

Hope everyone else gets offered theirs very soon, if not already.

Take care all 

Thanks Kitkat. That’s helpful. I’ve been wondering whose responsibility it is as I’m on permanent chemo (tablets) so officially under the hospital’s care -  and they didn’t know, just kept asking if I’d heard anything. Now I need to check when I had my 2nd jab. I am soooo tired of being shielded and regarding my hospital visits every third week as my social treat!! I need to be with people again but, with only 30% immunity and living in a city whose covid cases are on the rise again thanks to schools reopening (let alone the new influx of students whose impact will be seen in the next week or so), I just keep being advised to stay shielding. Aaaargh! Xx

Hi there I’ve been offered a third primary jab despite having 2 primaries and booster.  Confused what to do had booster in October. I’m in middle of chemo. Had a reaction to Placlitaxol so also on loads of steroids. Not sure to wait till I finish chemo.  Nurse said its a grey are but have it not sure what to do 

Any advice would be kind