3rd Taxotere

3rd Taxotere

3rd Taxotere Since I had the 3rd cycle last Wednesday I have experienced little or no problems, apart from general tiredness Sat/Sun. Even the joint pains have been nothing to complain about and my dodgy blood sugars have gone back to normal. I managed a whole day of catching up with admin for OH’s business yesterday and I reckon I can cope with a few bits today as well.

Fingers crossed the last one will be like this as well, I like to think I got the worst with the first 2.

Hi Cherub
I hope so for you but got to say i actually thought i got away from it, got neutrophina after no 1 then had reduction on no 2, felt better, then on no 3 a bit tired for a few days pains etc, then thursday had no 4 and feel like asteam roller has gone over me…and i am shocked didnt expect this for some stupid reason…and my kidneys are aching too!! cant think why its never the same cant plan anything…

hope it all goes good for you thou