3yrs post op, and I'm onto my 3rd new prosthesis after 2 faulty ones

Hello there everyone,

Am feeling a bit down today - guess am just feeling a bit sorry for myself. I rang the breast care nurses today to say my prosthesis was leaking. There’s a small area where the silicone was coming out of the back of it, and before that there’d been gaps in the silicone - it looked as if little bits of it were tearing away inside it. I’m sure I haven’t caught it on anything sharp, but if I have, and the firm write back and tell the hospital it was my fault, I’d feel so bad about it.
I was really lucky today, as they had another of the same sort of prosthesis in stock, so I went to collect it.

The thing is, I have to return the other one, and I’m really embarrassed, cos it’s my third one, and it’s not even three years since my mastectomy. I’m only supposed to have a new prosthesis every three years. My job is very physical, but I’m sure I look after the prosthesis properly. I wash it in soapy water daily, and put it back in the box every night.
I was brought up to look after things, and feel really embarrassed about another prosthesis being faulty. I think I want to buy my own from now on - they’re lovely at the hospital, but this prosthesis thing has made the previous breast cancer rear its head again.

Sorry folks, I’m probably not making sense here. Just feel guilty for it being my third prosthesis,and embarrassed cos they’ve given me another, when I shouldn’t even have had one new one yet, let alone be on my third one by now.


I thought u meant an implant for a bit lol If I was u I would contact your cancer nurse !! I had a few prosthesis (es??) one silicone and a couple fabric…some I lookd online and bought but when I discussed with my cancer nurse she measured me and got me one NHs and that was fine. I still have it but dunno what to do with it as I now had reconstruction… but they also gave me a silicone prosthesis now so I looked matched up !! I did wear them in special bra but the last thing u want is to worry about things like that… When I eventually got to my cancer nurse she had a cupboard full of the flipping things so I did not have to worry tho I think mine had to be ordred…she said anything that makes us feel better…she would help with