4 covid vaccines ?

I’ve had a text from my local NHS trust to say that due to my recent treatment it’s advised that I have 4 covid vaccines (3 primary and one booster). I’ve already had two vaccines and booster. I can’t make a booking for an extra jab, as my record doesn’t show that this has been recommended. GP surgery says ring 119 to get my record amended, 119 says text message doesn’t count ring GP for letter. GP says not them. Has anybody had similar experience ? And how did you resolve? Also not sure why recommended for additional vaccine. I had surgery and radiotherapy in June 20, but no chemo. Interested in others experience. 

Hi , sorry you’ve not had a reply . If you’ve not managed to resolve this may be worth posting in the Ask the Nurses section for advice ? 

I have had my 4th vaccine. My Drs called to give me the appointment so I had no trouble getting it. I am still having targeted therapy and have had Chemo and Radiotherapy which finished Dec 2021. Surely if they want you to have it they should be sending you the appointment it makesme mad when we have to do all the chasing around to get what we need. I hope you sort this, sending hugs x

I had my 4th jag last month. As with the first three, I received a letter with the appointment, without having to contact anybody. The letter stated it was because I had a weakened immune system. Like yourself, I had surgery and radiotherapy but no chemo. I hope you get yours soon.