4 EC, 4 TAX now onc says maybe just EC anyone else?

hav been neutropenic in hospital n had infections with 1st 2 chemos the third got tonsillitus so had antibiotics but didnt go into hospital. just had 4th ec on thurs n they said onc wants to see me next time to discuss tax. as can make u more neutropenic n not sure how i will b so is thinking of keeping me on ec. said will discuss th percentages of having tax or ec. i was told that th combination of ec n tax (or fec ntax) was th best they had. was dreading tax but being told i might not b able to hav it also worries me. i wondered wether i cud try 1 n if i was bad cud go bac t ec. i suppose its th risk of being ill n not getting better which they frightened me with last time has anyone else experienced anything similiar or has any advise rozita xxxx

Hi Rozita

I spent a lot of time in hospital with infections due to a low white blood count. I was given a neulasta injection which helped to bring up my white blood count. Are you receiving this - has your oncologist suggested it?

Good luck
Ruby xx

hi ruby, yes have been havin neulasta injections day after chemo since the 2nd might have helped last time just waitin this week to see if it works or not .rozita xxx