4 month old baby

I was diagnosed with breast cancer (grade 2 tumour) last week and, while the initial shock has passed, I am still struggling with the fact that my daughter is only 4 months old and I feel like I’m not going to be able to be the mother I want to be in the next year. In particular I am due to start chemotherapy at the end of next week and everything I have heard has made it sound like it’s going to be impossible at times to look after her the way I want to. I have lots of support from my husband and friends and family so I know she won’t suffer, but I was wondering whether anyone had been in the same situation?


And welcome to the forum. So sorry that you find yourself here, but you will receive lots of help and support from the lovely ladies on here. 

Chemo can be challenging at times and there maybe times when you will need help to look after your baby. However, there will also be times when you feel perfectly fine and you can carry on as normal. Chemo cycles are every 3 weeks. Days 2 to 5 tend to be the hardest. But after that, you will start to feel OK and will then be alright for the next couple of weeks. It’s really about planning… Making sure you have help on the tough days. 

My kids are all grown up, so I’m not in the same situation as yourself. I’m sure other ladies will come along soon…

Sending hugs 

Sue xx 

Hi egreenbury,  sorry you find yourself here just when you should be having fun times with your baby. Cancer really has bad timing and we have to fit around it.  As Sue suggested, the chemo is in cycles so you do get one sluggish week followed by a couple of good weeks.  I think the build up is worse than getting on with it.  I was 48 at diagnosis with kids in University but there have been others on here that have gone through chemo whilst pregnant or with a baby.  It’s not fair but it’s what we have.  Here’s my story which you may find some comfort from: lifeafterlola.com/

once your treatment plan is in place you can chat with others going through the same on this forum on the “going through treatment” threads. 

If you post a note on this thread you might find others similar to yourself to chat with: