4 months on from radiotherapy

Hi everyone,

I am interested to know whether my experience is similar to others on here. 

I had a lumpectomy last September, started tamoxifen in October and had 10 sessions of radiotherapy in December.

I had a skin reaction and was very tired but then felt really well for about a month around March. I then started to realise that I had much less energy than before treatments and I also started having pain and swelling.

I have spoken to my breast care nurse and others at a local support group and it sounds like this is normal.

I have spoken to my manager and she is being supportive. I am doing almost full time hours, but with breaks throughout the day.

I work from home, my job is computer based, so physically easy but mentally challenging. I cannot concentrate for long periods like I could before. 

I feel like I should have accepted the changes by now, but I worry that I will appear lazy. I know this is in my head, but it’s hard to stop thinking it.

I just wondered if anyone else here feels like this?

Katie x


it is definitely not In your head! It’s very early days and I was the same as you and kept thinking the fatigue must be gone by now! I did feel complete exhaustion for a few weeks but gradually it improved but I do think tiredness lingers on for quite a few months and our bodies go through a lot mentally and physically after a Breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. Listen to your body - don’t feel guilty - it takes time ! 
you will get there ! I promise.