4 pm appointment

Hi, sorry been on here alot taking up you lovely time

I font think things are looking good, im going from one bad scenario to another…

Its now dawned on me that I guessed how late my biopsy appointment is (4pm) and I’m assuming that its late to discuss a treatment plan…all my thoughts snd fears are back. Why else have a scheduled late appointment?? 

Cannot deal with this, its too real and bloody scarey…


Dear Bluecat, thinking of you, take a deep breath and let’s all hope the outcome will be better than expected, I know you are feeling so frightened, but you can do this and I feel you will. Take a little notepad and pen with you so you can write a few note down. Also a small bottle of water…

On this site we have all been through this, and we know you can do this we all run away with ourselves. As the afternoon goes on I will be thinking of you. LOTS OF LOVE AND A VERY BIG HUG. Tili x please let us all know how you are 

Hi Bluecat - I’d agree with Tili’s lovely words. Hugs from me too.

Can I just ask why you think 4pm would mean bad news? That may be the only time available? Mine was in the morning. I wouldn’t read anything into the time of your appointment - unless I have missed something in your message.

Evie xx

Hi Bluecat

This is the world of breast cancer - on firm ground one moment, drowning the next, finding more firm ground, then stepping into quicksand… you must get the point by now. We are on an emotional rollercoaster.

I apologise if I misled you. I thought you’d already had your biopsy and were going for the results. You won’t get the results there and then as they have to go to histology. Then if they are worrying, they go to a multi-disciplinary team where they all out their heads together. Then you are seen for the kind of appointment I was describing. There can be a lot of appointments and a lot of waiting. The only time you might get a ‘result’ was if they were absolutely certain about what they can see, which isn’t very often.

As for time, the timing of an appointment means nothing. I’ve known morning clinics run into afternoon. Some people need more time than others. Some ask more questions. Some want to get out as fast as they can. Everyone is different but there’s always waiting…and more waiting…you recognise the old hands by their books and kindles.

I hope you’ve found another pair of big girl’s pants by now but don’t beat yourself up if you’re still in a tizz. Even control freaks can be gentle with themselves. I really recommend tuning in to Progressive Hypnosis’s Manifest Healing on YouTube - she has me sorted in minutes and letting go is not something I do willingly. There are lots of other self-help videos and, to my surprise, they do seem to help. I suggest a weekend of just looking after Bluecat and the tiny Bluekitten that’s inside xx