4 Weeks After End of Treatment

4 Weeks After End of Treatment

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4 Weeks After End of Treatment posted on 21.02.06 12:10 pm

Hello All,

I am new to this website. See my profile for my details. Its so nice to be able to chat to people who know what its all about!

I finished all my treatment 4 weeks ago, but I don’t feel very well - feeling nauseated, headaches and hot flushes (also no period this month) I am 36yrs. Not on any tablets for BC. I think I’m going through the menopause. Anyone had similar symptoms / experiences? How long does it take for chemo to leave the body and start feeling better?

Hi Ribby Im 41 & finished my chemo 2 weeks ago. I have to say I feel very well at the moment …I would be due another chemo tomorrow, so am expecting to feel even better by next week.
I havent had a period since November, and do get hot flushes & night sweats which arent very pleasant, but they do seem to have got better in the past couple of weeks ( Ive been taking homeopathic sulpher tabs to help). I havent had any headaches or nausea since last week, but do still get a strange taste in my mouth occasionally.
I dont know how long the effects of chemo will last, but be reasurred that youre not having any more chemicals injected into you, & things will surely start to get better!
Good Luck,
Kathryn x
(PS - Im not sure if ive replied to you on a different thread…apols if I have…obviously chemo-brain doesnt stop!)

—Still Not To Good —Hi everyone finished all my treatments 2 weeks ago but still not feeling to good I think I may have got myself a bit down in the dumps.Thinking of going to the dictors to see if tablets will help any. went through the treatment very positive but feel as if I have let myself down now. Has anyone good any views and did tablets help?
Sorry for being a wingebag! (Do not like feeling like this)