4 weeks after mastectomy, reconstruction and tummy tuck

Drove for first time today in 4 weeks post op. Feel a shell of my former self, fragile and lack of confidence, but I have kicked arse and beat cancer for the second time, so don’t despair if you are just starting out on your cancer journey, strength support get you through.

Oh wow - I was just about to post and ask for advice from anybody who has been through what you have.

I am up for the same in the next couple of weeks. Had my sentinel node biopsy yesterday and first experience of a general anaesthetic.

I am glad you have got through the op and starting to drive again.

Were you in hopsital for a week? Any tips/advice you have would be very gratefully received!

I was in hospital 4 days and then out one day and had to go back to have drains out. I am under ******** at Stoke
Mandeville and him and team are amazing. First couple of days in hospital exhausting as u have to have the DIEP flap check every 15 mins for hours and hours and the first 48 they check constantly which can be very tiring but vital. I have had to wear the stockings for 6 weeks after and the same with the nhs bra provided ( although u r allowed to wear non underwired bra as well. M&s do a small range of after op bras. Wear the support bandage around stomach when getting up and down as helps recovery and stops u straining anything. Give me a shout if u have any other questions.

Yes u can take them off to shower :slight_smile: but I could only have shallow baths to start as you can’t get dressings wet. I was fine before op because I felt well and life was mostly normal. It was after when couldn’t drive and shuffling about the house, but 4 weeks on life a lot more normal and not much I can’t do, although still holding off on hovering, which hubby is thrilled about :slight_smile:

That’s what I had dcis they removed the cancer by having 2 lumpectomy a but didn’t get all the dcis