4 Weeks After MX and Recon - lots of questions!

I had a right breast mastectomy 4 weeks ago with textured implant, plus reduction on the left breast to match up.  As there were other tumours found within the tissue taken I definitely need to have radiotherapy once I have healed up, although there’s one area (they are calling it the “T” zone - where they cut) that’s not healing well and I’ve needed more stitches.  Has anyone else had same?  Now I’m having lots of questions pop into my head.  


1.  When will I be able to buy some “regular” bras?  Can anyone recommend good ones please?


2.  Is it normal to feel like I have a huge heavy weight bearing down on my chest all the time?  Almost like I’m wearing the biggest, most structured bra imaginable!  Will this feeling go away?  Tender to touch and press also.


3.  When I had my initial lumpectomy 6 months ago, they took the sentinel node and it was clear.  Now they have found that there were numerous tumours in the whole of the breast and I eventually waited 6 months for the mastectomy, I asked if the other nodes could be taken/checked due to the time passing but (after my surgeon consulted with my oncologist) I was told no they wouldn’t take any more nodes. 

Now I’m worried it could have spread in this time.


4.  I’m still on antibiotics.  Feels like a long time to be taking them.


5.  I’m taking Anastrozole - has anyone had side effects.  Not noticed anything really apart from my teeth going darker in colour.  Is this a side effect?


Sorry so many questions but thought someone out there may have gone through same!

Hi Kitz - first of all a big get well hug to you as you recover and go on to radiotherapy. I had a right side implant in 2017 so I’m happy to try to help with any answers, or any more questions you might think of. Please don’t apologise for asking questions, that is what this lovely forum is for.


I am slightly different to you in that I didn’t have anything done to my left breast, but as it’s smaller than my implant I use a prosthesis over my left one to even things up under clothes.


  1. I use mastectomy bras with pockets for my prosthesis, but you should be fine using regular bras. I didn’t have the prosthesis immediately and when I went to regular bra shops to be measured they said that my size would change slightly once all the healing etc had settled, so I’d suggest not buying loads to start with. But I’d recommend you ask your BCN or the person who measures you when you go to buy one. I use Amoena - but you should be fine with any. I have stayed away from underwired, but I’ve never actually asked anyone if underwired are ok or not - so again do ask, or someone on here may advise.


  1. I’m almost certain your implant won’t feel like it does now for too long. I don’t notice mine at all, I don’t have much if any feeling in it but if someone hugs me it feels like I have a small football being pressed between us (if that makes sense)! I always wonder if the other person can feel it too!!!


  1. I understand your anxiety about the possible spread, but from my experience oncologists/surgeons are ultra cautious and wouldn’t put you at risk. But if you remain concerned, you could ask them again or ask for a second opinion. Did you have any chemo?


  1. I didn’t have antibiotics for as long as you - but it sounds as if you are having them to make sure there is no infection in the wound site. I am sure I drove my team nuts with all my questions, but if you do have questions don’t hesitate to ask your team. No question is a silly one.


  1. I’m taking Tamoxifen so can’t answer that question - but it seems that everyone handles both drugs differently. There are loads of threads on here talking about the side effects of both - do bear in mind that not everyone experiences side effects, those that don’t won’t usually need to post or comment.


My very best wishes to you - and I’m happy to answer any more questions you might have.

Evie xx