4 weeks from GP to Breast Clinic and getting more scared

Hi everybody, first post after a couple of weeks ‘lurking’. The site and forum are (just) keeping me sane after mistakenly googling (never again). Basically, found a lump on the first anniversary of my young sister’s death, went to GP the next day who said its a “worrying elongated mass” and needed checked urgently. Appointment finally in for 20th - four weeks later and no cancellation chance (I’ve phoned). Never felt so mixed up and for so long - similar to other ladies have said here, fear, shock, flat/down etc etc and extremely hospital phobic to boot so freaking out there too. Just want my husband by my side at all times except the X-ray (I know nobody can go there), but seems this might not be how it works. Can’t understand why they say to bring someone but then want them to wait elsewhere? Can anybody share any experiences?

Hi LSM, I feel your pain re waiting. I am scheduled to have a core biopsy on Thursday, but the hospital lost my referral (despite it being marked urgent!) so by the time the biopsy is done I will have been waiting 4 weeks. As I understand, you shouldn’t be waiting more than 2 weeks for a referral to the breast clinic, unless it goes through as non urgent. Have you tried contacting your GP again about your concerns? Perhaps he/she can speed things up for you? Waiting is just the worst isn’t it. Like you, I have a very supportive partner who will be coming with me to the biopsy, but I doubt he will be allowed in the room when I am having it done. It is better than nobody being there though, even just coming out of the room to someone helps. All the best. X

Hi LSM and welcome to the BCC forums

Along with the support you have here, our helpliners are on hand with practical and emotional support for you on 0808 800 6000, lines are open 9- 5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays so please feel free to call

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Thanks Frances, I live in west central Scotland where guidelines seem to be “promptly” and “ideally 2 weeks” but seemingly reality is longer. I’m 42(the lump was my birthday present too), breast fed for 4 years between two boys, never smoked or drank, fit and active and only one history (maternal aunt), so totally taken by surprise by how this wait has affected me. My sister died (she tragically took her own life) a year to the day I found the lump (last years birthday), I’ve held together her kids plus my mum/dad (not telling them about this), have a responsible job that used to be done by 3 people and do well but its like my world collapsed the day I found that lump. Have lost all normal sense to the point of near-not-functioning and nothing has even been diagnosed yet, so totally ridiculous but I can’t seem to stop it, even feel depression systems which I never have before. Only want to be with husband and have withdrawn from good friends, colleagues and family. Roll on 20th, one way or another. Hope all goes well for you and thanks for replying. So glad I can voice my madness here. Lorrainne x