4 Weeks Post Mastectomy & DIEP Recon - can I bath? Can I use massage oils?

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I’m now 4 weeks on from having a mastectomy and DIEP recon and am unsure about whether I can bath or use massage oils on my tummy.  I’ve heard or read that you need to massage your tummy with oils to help with scarring and to prevent thickening underneath (is this correct?) - The thing is when do you do this?


Also, even though I always prefer showers, I am craving a bath at the moment so I can have a good soak - is this adviseable at this point?


My BC nurse is on annual leave right now and doesn’t tend to talk about my tummy scar anyway, so I thought I would ask those that are further on than me.




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Hi HFK1234

This might be something the Helpline could help you with.  They are open from 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays.  The number is 0808 800 6000

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Hi H
I had to wait until my scar was healed sufficiently before I started massaging and I tended to have showers for at least a month afterwards rather than a bath.

Hi H
I had to wait until my scar was healed sufficiently before I started massaging and I tended to have showers for at least a month afterwards rather than a bath.
Unfortunately i had a problem with a leaking seroma so i couldn’t massage for a good couple of months.



I had a diep 3 weeks ago. The nurse on day 2 poured me a bath (shallow it has to be said!) I was surprised after alldI’d read but so desperate to be clean, I pretty much threw myself in!! The surgical team (and lots of them visited me over the next couple of days, said "baths ok, just no really long soaks, which makes sense. Personally my tummy scar is high due to the position of my perforators (!) So I fill the bath to below there. Nit a luxurious soak but lovely anyway :smileyhappy:


I have been using bio oil in moderation to v lightly massage everything too, just not right on top of my scars just yet. I also take my micropore off every 2/3 days as I find it gets a bit grubby… the surgeon said to leave it for weeks but the clinic nurse suggested off and a wash every so often. Thats the big point for me going through this recovery, you do get lots of advice from lots of different very knowledgeable folk, just tricky sometimes that they may have slightly different knowledge!!! 


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I am posting a link to the BCC services including our helpline, ‘Live chat’ and ‘Someone like me’ which you may find helpful at some point:


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Thanks for your comment…I didn’t feel amazing! ! But I have had two big babies at home (ouch) followed by a c section for our third in the not so distant past…weirdly this kind of prepared me for how my tummy site would feel! (Tho I think my diep recovery is more comparable to getting thrown off a horse at the same time as having a section and starting breast feeding!!! ) but I have recovered far quicker than I dared to ever hope.
Much like home birth most of the hospital meetings, altho useful, did focus on all the possible risks/negatives. I think that’s just sadly how they have to protect themselves in current society. I countered that by finding women who had been there and done it and fairly easily found 3 reconstructions in my extended social circle :slight_smile: I regularly chase them with questions. …

Hi lilymole. No eating chocolate? That’s more barbaric than the op!!! I’m intrigued. What was the reason?

Although you can shower ( carefully) I found that the best way to get clean especially around certain areas :smileyembarrassed: is with that Nilaqua waterless towel off stuff that you can use for bed (or arm chair) baths. really useful to put where you need it.