4 years today since my SBC diagnosis

Today marks 4 years since my primary & secondary diagnosis together. Getting the SBC diagnosis is devastating and scary especially in those first few months but I do feel over time that it becomes more ‘normal’ for want of a better word. Sometimes I feel rubbish and have a bad day or days but I try so much to fill my life with good things which make me happy -family and friends are amazing to me and I am this week becoming a gran again for the third time which I never thought possible 4 years ago. A big thank you to all of my cyber friends here too - your support is immeasurable.
I hope my story will help you.
Love Helen xx

Hi Helen. I think that you and I are in a very similar position. I posted a couple of weeks ago.
Like you I hope that some of the ‘newer’ ladies can take something from our experience.

See you on here around this time next year???


rHi Helen44

I have very recently recieved my dx of secondary.   You have given me hope that I have a long time still on this earth and I am becoming much more positive.   Congratulations on your new grand child who I’m sure is giving you love and pleasure.  I hope you are continuing to stay well. xx