4 yrs on.......Sooooooooooo tired, Sooooooooooo depressed!!!

Hello Ladies. I am 4 years on (had left mast with full clearance and chemo, no rads, reconstruction last year). I am trying so so hard to try and put it all behind me but am struggling to cope with this tiredness. Some days I can feel so weak that I literally drag myself through the day trying to get through all my daily tasks and feeling as though I cant breath. I am finding that it is causing me to be terribly depressed and feeling of being useless which I know is silly but I see everyone else of my age (36) with so much more energy than me and managing far better with day to day life.
Does anyone else suffer with tiredness like I do, or have any answers for me, I just cant understand whats going on or what to do to try and make my situation better. Sorry its a long posting.

hi neenie, sorry you are feeling so bad, i was just wondering when you last had your bloods checked? maybe your Hb is low?
hope things improve
take care

Hi Neenie

I’m sorry to read you are feeling so low. May I suggest you give the BCC helpline a call and talk confidentially with one of our trained members of staff about how you are feeling. All our helpline staff either has experience of breast cancer, or is a breast care nurse, and will be happy to offer you a listening ear as well as support and information if required. The number to call is 0808 800 6000 and the lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and Saturday 9am to 2pm.

You may also find the macmillan cancersupport website useful, it has a lot of information on fatigue which may be helpful. Just follow this link for to find the particular page:-


I hope this is helpful.

Kind regards
Sam (BCC Facilitator)

Hi Neenie,

Sorry to hear things are still tough for you 4 years on. I am 39 and just finished treatment and I worry about not getting back to normal. I’m sure once we have had a cancer diagnosis and treatment which is such a life changing experience that it’s no surprise really that a lot of us struggle. Have you ever had any councelling to help you come to terms with what’s happened? I am having some at the moment as I found everything has only just hit me now that everything has finished!! Your body has been through such a lot and I don’t ever think our fitness returns to normal. Are you on any kind of hormone therapy? if you are the side effects from that can leave you feeling very tired. I am on Tamoxifen and the side effects whilst not severe do leave me feeling very tired and listless…I am hoping that this improves with time as this in itself is awful when trying to do normal things like returning to work and running a household and looking after kids…I would suggest your next step is to get some kind of help, whether this be either a trip to your GP or a visit to a Maggies centre or Haven…or even phoning this helpline to find out what help there might be available to you. I really do believe that we all need help and support at some point in this journey… whether it is at the start on diagnosis, at the end of treatment or some point further on…The best thing you’ve done is aknowledge the fact that you’re not doing so great at the moment, you are certainaly not on your own… I hope all goes well and you get some help soon…

Best wishes

Fiona xxxx

I am 52 and with mx 6 months ago and the tiredness doesnt leave but you adjust. I am on tamoxifen and it has affected my joints so often I feel like I am in my 70s and it used to get me down but now I have adjusted everything and go to work later in the day, rest or sit down as often as I can and eat energy foods and a more healthy diet.

Please aim for the basic and you will find you can achieve a lot. So what if your tired - just pace yourself and work up to a standard. Set a goal - to walk 5 miles and start at a walk to the end of the road.

Dont worry about it and let life help you gain little ground at a time as it will come. I know its frustrating and you can get really fed up but stress and depression will make you feel very tired so make a plan for daily aims and tick them off as you go - when you look back you will see just how much you managed to achieve. Look at what you have done already and forget about the other people your age - have they been through what you have? Perhaps they have added help or it wasnt affecting them so badly - remember we are all individuals and just worry about yourself you deserve to feel better and so must work on yourself to gain it. Treat yourself and pamper yourself.

You are you - a strong and powerful person - just getting through this ordeal mentally is so powerful so acknowledge it.

List all you have been through and pat yourself on the back for coming out this side of it.

You can do anything you want - go for it.
God bless xxx

Hello again all
Thanks for replying back and offering me all your support and advice.

I moved from England to Ireland after the chemo was finished and I lost all my back up and support from the medical team that looked after me as well as leaving my family and friends behind, so when I find I have any worries or concerns then I feel there is no-one here to go to and feel quite lost at times, my GP is pretty useless and not the type you dare have a heart to heart with. I live in a very rural area and so changing GPs is not an option.

This site is a god send and the support everyone offers is just unbelievable and very appreciated.

I am going to give the helpline number a call as advised (when I get a quiet moment in the house).

Hi Neenie

I just wanted to say that we are all here for you and sending you hugs ((()))

Shenagh xx

Hi Neenie
I’m sorry you are feeling so down. Do get your thyroid checked. I went through a year (post treatment) of feeling horribly tired and low and it turned out thta i had a chronically underactive thyroid. I know take a pill every day and feel so much better. of course your tiredness and emotional state could be due to lots of things but it is worth getting this checked.

Hi Neenie, I live in rural Ireland but have had all my treatment in the UK and still go back there for my checkups. It’s been nearly 6yrs since my diagnosis, and it’s been a long lonely journey for me too. Sometimes the depression and stress that comes with bc can be the real culpit for the awful tiredness so many of us experience.If you’re in commuting distance of me do let me know - I’m west cork.
Josie xx

Hiya Neenie

I know exactly how you are feeling, I am 4 years on from dx, I am sooo tired most of the time, I never feel refreshed from sleep and tiredness just sweeps over me. I have no reserves…and soooo fed up feeling like it!! The doctor says to take more excersise… but I just dont have the energy or inclination!!
People dont understand they just think…oh that was ages ago you should be ok now… get on with it and stop moaning!Helpful NOT!

havent been on here for a while… will check back in soon…see how you are going !!
Just be kind to yourself.

Hi Neenie.
I am 5 years down the line and general a lot better. Upto last year like you some days great some were i had to have a sleep in the afternoon and was crawling off to bed early. Now i am not always going to bed early and general feel a lot better. I must admit i cut my hours at work which have helped.
I was told it could take upto 5 years to recover completely and i would maybe have to change /slow down a little. I did not listen to start with but decided my body knew best and to listen to it.
I understand were you are coming from it can really drag you down feeling that way.
Having said all that it maybe a good idea to go and have a chat with your doctor, they will decided what to do (prob bloods and they may phone the hospital to see whether they want to see you early). This has happened to me several times so do not panic if the hospital does want to see you.) lLet us know what happens
Loads of HugsXXXXXX

I am over 3 years on and I find I don’t bounce back from things so well. For instance I went down with flu 3 days after Christmas and spent about 5 days in bed. I returned to work last Wednesday, but really just did p/t last week and I’m still feeling very tired and fatigued. My central heating conked out on Saturday and I couldn’t get it fixed until last night - we were able to heat our office with a portable radiator and had a fan heater to use room from room, but the cold made me feel even more tired. I really could have stayed in bed this morning and didn’t get up until 9.30, so it’s a good job I work from home.

Dear Neenie, what about visiting a naturopath? They will be able to help with the tiredness through remedies, supplements and suggest foods to help boost your immune system. There a lot of things out there that can help with your awful tiredness
Best wishes

I was diagnosed in April 2006, had lump and lymph nodes removed followed by chemo and radiotherapy. I haven’t been on this site for a while and only came by today looking for advice on travel insurance - I am soooo relieved to read that I am not alone in feeling so tired! I really and trully thought that I was the only person who hadn’t bounced back. I am 56 and work part time, but sometimes have to work full time hours and when this happens I literally just work and sleep - no time for leisure.
I have always put this down to chemo, which I didn’t tolerate very well at all getting hospitalised a couple of times with low bloods. The tiredness, aches and pains in my joints and back (for which I am prescribed strong anti-inflammitories and cocodomol) all seem related to the chemo in some way.
But - please don’t let it get you depressed, I welcome the tiredness and aches and pains sometimes, it means I am still here to tell the tale!
There are times when i wake in the morning and drag myself out of bed feeling so tired that I wish i could just climb back in again, but we are the lucky ones really aren’t we? We survived!
I do hope you feel better soon - but take heart that you are not alone, I know that I feel better just knowing that someone else is feeling the same and maybe we will get our energy back some day.
Hugs to all. xxx