40year old female, just diagnosed with BC, fertility question



I’ve been looking around the forum for people who are/were around my age when they were diagnosed with BC. I was only told last week, and am very much still trying to come to terms with the diagnosis and everything it entails.


Apart from all the usual anxieties (about the operation, further pathology results, treatments, prognosis, etc.), one of the things I most worry about is fertility. My other half and I have been trying for a while to conceive (although admittedly we started quite late, for various reasons) and were were (sort-of) successful about two months ago - but then I had a miscarriage in week 5. Maybe my body already knew something wasn’t quite right - God knows.


I’m now worried that due to BC and given my already advanced age I might never have the chance to conceive. I’ve already been told that I’m too old for IVF treatment through the NHS; to be honest, my other half and I had contemplated IVF earlier this year, and didn’t really like the idea. Our attitude might change now, I guess, but it’s still early days, and I’m not even sure we could afford to pay for any fertility treatments privately.


I don’t know, yet, what treatments exactly I’m going to have to have, although at the moment it looks as if we caught the cancer at a relatively early stage and might ‘get away’ with radiotherapy only. The uncertainty doesn’t help.


Sorry about this slightly rambly post. Is there someone out there in the forum who was/is in a similar situation and has any advice on how to cope? I’d be very grateful.


Thanks so much in advance!

Good morning
I’m 37 and was diagnosed in August
Unfortunately I can’t help on the fertility area as I have children
But one of the first things my consultant asked was do I have a family and do I plan more , there is options like freezing eggs
It’s crap to end up with this diagnosis but people in this group will help , I do hope someone is able to answer a little note in depth for you x

Hello. I know your post was old, but im curious about your progress, as im in the same situation. Any guidance is appreciated.