42 and Slightly Scared

Hi, I’m 42, I’m from Leeds.
I had a Total Hysterectomy 2 years ago due to being diagnosed with Endometriosis and now am on HRT Gel for the next 8 years. No History of Breast Cancer in my family.
I made an appointment this morning to see the GP as I’ve had a strange purple/red bruise that appeared 2 days ago on my right breast. I have also been experiencing it to be tender and quite itchy.
The GP said it looked like a leison rather than a bruise.
She then carried out checks on both breasts and found a 1cm lump on the bottom of my right breast which I hadn’t even noticed.
I’ve been referred to the breast clinic over the next 2 weeks.
I’m a little taken aback and telling myself not to worry.
What can I expect at the Breast Clinic?


@ npleeds
Hello. Just make sure you take a friend or relative with you. They can help you ask questions - and maybe they’ll even remember the answers! I made the mistake of thinking I shouldn’t bother anyone - think I was in denial that it was happening. It made it much harder to cope. Good luck - hopefully it’s nothing to worry about, and it’s just a benign cyst!


Hi @npleeds,

Welcome to the forum, we hope you find it a helpful and supportive place. I’m sorry to hear what you’re going through.

Please do have a look through the various boards and topics to find those going through similar experiences. This is a very supportive place, so please do continue to ask any questions you may have. Our nurses are also here for you any time, here on the forum on the Ask our Nurses your questions or over the phone 0808 800 6000

All the best,

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Sorry to hear youre in this situation.
What to expect? To be in the hospital for at least a couple of hours!
I saw a surgeon who examined me then sent me for a mammogram. As im young (39), mammograms can be difficult to detect cancer so i was sent to someone else for an ultrasound.
After the ultrasound i was numbed up & given a biopsy. It wasnt sore but soundsd like a hole punch. I was then sent back to the surgeon for a chat where he explained that results wohld be back within a fortnight.
Im quite straightforward & asked him if we were looking at cancer & he told me yes, were waiting to see how big it is and whether it has spread. Dont be afraid to ask questions.
I went on my own but some people feel better bringing someone along.
It’s not as scsry as you think, you can do this.
Hope all goes well x

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Hello NPLeeds

I am in Leeds so can say what will happen. I am assuming you will go to Jimmy’s Chancellor’s wing. That’s the building by the A&E. The clinic is on the 1st floor.

You’ll first see a nurse practitioner for a chat and she’ll have a good old feel.

Then it’s back to the waiting room for a mammogram. Then you might have to have other scans - more waits in between. They might even do a biopsy - with another wait. It all depends on what they can OR CAN’T SEE.

The scan/s will be looked at by a consultant and diagnostic radiographer.

You see the same nurse after the scans (it might just be the mammogram) she should be able to give you your result there and then. And next steps, if needed. So that can be a wait depending on how many long chats she needs to have with other patients.

2 examples for me. I was there nearly 6 hours when I was diagnosed as the biopsy took a while to be really well examined. It was Dec 2020 so I was on my own!

When I went with what I thought was a lump but turned out to be my breast bone (I’d lost weight!) I wasn’t more than 2 hour as I had a mammogram and ultra-sound.

Take a book or whatever to try to pass the time and a bottle of water as drinks are in the building reception area. They will give you a bleeper if you do want to step out of the clinic.

Hope it all goes well.

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Thank you, I was in two minds whether to go alone and zone out with my airpods and a book. I know my Mum will come if I ask her. If I take hubby he’ll just stress me out as he’s super worried already. Thank you again x


Hi there thank you so much for the info, greatly appreciated. I feel more at ease knowing what I should expect. I will make sure I ask whatever is on my mind. I hope you are doing well now xx


thank you so much for the info. I will make sure that I ask questions, I’ll make a list. I hope you’re doing ok now? xx