49 yrs and periods returned after chemo


Today is the first anniversary of my BC diagnosis. I’m 49 next week and I had high dose chemo for 6 months. I was told that my chemo induced menopause would most likely be permanent at my age but 6 months from my last session my periods have come back. I’m not sure whether to be pleased or annoyed!

I suppose I just want to say to women over 40 who may want to have more children that the doctors are not always right.

Has anyone else in my age group experienced this or am I a one off?

Jan xx

Hi im 46 my periods returned 3 mths after my last chemo, they are just the same as before the chemo ie. regular i know exactly when im due on them.I was told they probably wouldnt return but have, and ive had no menophause symptoms. julie

No you are not a one off. :slight_smile: After nearly 5 years of hormonal treatents with monthly injections to stop my periods I then commenced high dose chemo, Xeloda. My injections were stopped as aged 49 I wasn’t expected to have anymore periods. Hmm they started again after a few months and blood tests showed I was pre-meno. Still on constant Xeloda, have been for 2 years now and still having (albeit now very irregular) periods. (51 now)

I would advise you to get some blood tests done just to check what’s going on. My periods stopped in November 2006 with the first cycle of FEC. I suddenly had 2 slight bleeds last year and had to be referred to a post menopausal bleed clinic. The tests showed up again that I was definitely post menopausal; the gynaecologists told me you can sometimes experience a surge of hormones which makes everything attempt to kick start from time to time. I still get an ovulation pain in my right side as well (have had it in the past week)and I have recently had a couple of minor flushes. I’m about to turn 49 btw.

Thanks for all the comments ladies. Don’t feel like such a weirdo now.

Cherub, I saw my onc yesterday for my check up and she has taken blood tests because I’m having problems with joint pain and fatigue. She has decided to test for everything under the sun including hormone levels just in case.

I did have the menopause symptoms and my periods stopped after 3rd FEC. The hot flushes were awful for 6 months or so then suddenly stopped. What I experienced this week was just like a full blown period with the associated PMT. Munchies in the week before, bloating (put on 3lbs) cramps, weeping at the slightest thing, row with OH and my usual 3 days of bleeding. I always did have short periods.

Julie and Belinda, it just goes to show what resilient things or bodies can be!