5 Breast lumps in two years.

Hello everyone, I was wondering if I could seek some advice. 

For two years I’ve had frequent breast lumps and discharge and skin dimpling. 

Its always been in the same Breast every time I’ve had to go for tests.

eat time they say everything is fine. 


Now im starting to worry as my partner found the lump while I was getting changed. I don’t know how I didn’t notice as it’s fsirly large and dimpling, even when I lift my arm you can see something large tugging on the skin. 

This will be my 6th time going through tests and screening in two years and I feel more should be done this time. I saw someone say her cancer was only diagnosed via mri and wasn’t seen through ultrasound and mammogram 

Hi Chris,
It would certainly seem you need some definite answers on this, rather than going back & forth all the time, however, any breast change should be properly looked at anyway.
For your own peace of mind, it might be an idea to ask about mri, so you are clear about it all.
ann x

Sorry to hear about your friend, Chrissie. That’s awful at such a young age.
Do ask about the mri, especially if they say you have dense breast tissue, my understanding is, that an mri in this situation is better for imaging the breast anyway.
ann x