5 day RT

I’ve just been given a date to start radiotherapy which I’m pleased about as I’m not the best at waiting. 
It’s going to be 5 days starting on a Wednesday, with Saturday and Sunday off. 
I thought it had to be 5 consecutive days??

Will it be as effective?

Appreciate anyones thoughts on this and if anybody has had the same. 
Thanks xx


Mine is going to be the same, starting in a few weeks. Im think I read they might have to have a break if the machine is having some maintenance done there will be no treatment that day, but will still receive the same dose.

I assumed it would be Monday- Friday but I start on a Tuesday.

Mrs Hill

Hi there….I’ve never heard of anyone getting planned radiotherapy over the weekend……if you start on a Tuesday…you finish on a Monday……and so on….it’s very normal.

hope yours goes well


i finished my radiotherapy a few weeks ago, I had 5 sessions, Wed to Fri, weekend off then Mon & Tues. 

Same as me.they said it was ok , and have even cancelled Monday .So I had Thursday-friday and now tues -wed-thurdsday .I am sure they know what thy are doing .trust them !