5 weeks post op and still not healed

Hi everyone, I had bilateral surgery 5 weeks ago today and a small area of the wound under my right breast (around the T junction) will not heal at all. I have had an infection and 2 lots of antibiotics.

The district nurse is still coming every other day and says it is quite common but it is really worrying. The left one has been completely healed for almost 2 weeks.

Has this happened to anyone else?




Morning Jan
Im 8 weeks post mx and ANC and like you had an infection and my wound wouldn’t heal. It delayed my chemo, which I only started on Monday so was very frustrating. I’m happy to say its all healed now. Not very pretty and the area where it was infected has left scarring but I feel so much better than 2/3 weeks ago.
You certainly learn patience throughout this whole process, something I didn’t possess much of before!
I know it’s hard but it will improve. Take care and good luck with the rest of your treatment.
Emma xx

Hello Jan,
Just sypathising with you. I was healing so well and 5 weeks post surgery and have developed an area at underside of breast that has become red and weepy. Worried it will delay radiotherapy in which case we will miss our little break in the lake district. I know on balance a family break is not the priority, but they are only 3 and 6 and I feel they really need one!
I have been trying tea tree oil and sudocream (left in an old nappy change bag!) on mine as no overt open wound. Seems to be settling but it has just been trial and error so not sure if this would be officially recommended - I’ll probably be repromanded by any well informed nurse (being a mental health nurse myself, bodily functions are not my hot point!). I’m also a big fan of New Zealand Manuka honney and have heard of this being applied topically to infected wounds. Have not tried this myself yet, but may collar a skin viability nurse at work and see what they say. If I get any top tips I will pass them on.
Good luck. Drink lots of fluids!


Thanks Emma and Deborah.

My district nurse did try the manuka honey dressings but they kept the wound wet so we are back to alginate.

Please let me know what the skin viability nurse says!

It is comforting to know it is not just me.

Jan x

Hi Jan. how are you going? Any improvement? X

Hi Jan,
Last year I had a left mastectomy and immediate recon with an LD flap, strattice and expander. It took 9 weeks to heal completely, no infection but just very slow. I had Manuka honey dressing changed three times a week, it felt like I lived at the hospital !But eventually it did heal and I can tell you that first shower was the most wonderful thing ever.
Hoping you turn the corner very soon.

Hi Jan I had bilateral mx on 2 may and because of rads 1 years ago I am not healing exactly the same as you on the t junction on the right side. I was on antibiotics for the first 6 weeks which has cleared the infection up but left with huge scab. Have been seeing surgeon evey 5 days to keep an eye on it and last week he took scab off. It has scabbed over again but a smaller area this time and he says it will gradually get smaller. I have Becker expander implants and although the left is nearly inflated the right has only had its first shot today. I think we are in for a long journey and just have to be patient and I am sure we will get there in the end. I have had no dressings even after surgery. Hope it gets better for you soon and I know how you are feeling it is very frustrating . Keep in touch.

Wendy x x

No imptovement yet. Still oozing.

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dear Jan,

Hope you are OK. I have left a message for the tissue viability nurse but she works on the elderly ward not on the mother and baby unit which I manage so I don’t know her personally. If she gets back to me I’ll let you know. Based on the dressings that you and Jojo have had, I lathered myself in Manula honney. I’m a bit scared to go outside in case I’m chased by a swarm of bee’s - or worse still flies with everybody assuming I have B.O. :slight_smile: