5 years after!! What does it mean ?

Coming up to my 5 years I know it’s a milestone and marker but thinking what does it mean ? Thanks rozita

Hi Rozita,

Well done on reaching the five year milestone ; )

I don’t really know what it means in medical terms but just think what it means for you in personal terms and celebrate!

 I remember back to the ghastly day when i was given the news i had BC, i remember thinking I might only have months left and was in a very dark place.  But thanks be to god and my medical team i’ve lived to see my eldest reach 18, see him get to Uni, help him with his first traumatic love affair, help my daughter buy her first bra and move on to big school, celebrate with my middle son when he got some fabulous GCSE’s  and a hundred other small milstones along the way.  

Sometimes when i’m doing a ghastly job like cleaning the cooker or mopping up after the dog I think of  some of the ladies who havn’t made it to five years and am just glad to be here.

 So crack open the champagne (or coke) and enjoy - hopefully you will be around to celebrate for many years to come!


caroline xx

A brilliant response from Caroline! I’m only just at the one year milestone but feel like cracking open the champagne xxx

Thanks ladies for your response !! And yes Caroline you are right I am grateful every day that I am here as have lost many to this awful disease my 5 yrs is 9th dec so I will def plan something I was just wondering what it meant statistically and I think you don’t get annual checks which I’m a bit dissapointed about
But hey if someone had said 5 yrs ago I’d be here I’d have taken that as fab and still do!!
But yes ladies every day forward is a win !!!
Rozita x



I was diagnosed in May 2009 and within two years had both breasts removed and reconstructed, right side lymph nodes removed (2 out of 21 positive).  Chemo, radiotherapy, Herceptin, Zoladex, Tamoxifen, Arimadex which I am still on and ovaries and fallopian tubes removed.


I was told I would never have the all clear by a consultant and that has lived with me every day but it is nearly six years since I was diagnosed!


Five years normally means if you have reached five years disease free then you have a good chance of living longer without it coming back.  But if it did, they are bringing out new treatments all the time - thank goodness for Cancer Research.