5 years on and still in pain!

I had my first mastectomy 5yrs ago with an LD 18months later and 18 mths after that an elective 2nd mastectomy (immediate reconstruction with implant - not LD ). I was pretty lucky no infections throughout. However apart from very uneven looking reconstruction which I am really unhappy with, I have so much pain in both reconstructions. My chest/trunk is continually tight and can get really painful. I try to swim a couple of time a week but its such a struggle to maintain a reasonable feeling of free movement. I would like some corrective surgery to " even out" my new look but am reluctant as I don’t want increased pain. Does anyone have a similar experience or advice please - I suppose I am looking for a bit of hope that things will eventually get better - sorry for the ranting moan!

I think maybe it would be a good idea to go and let another doctor or surgeon see you problems and see what they might advise? Have you spoken to your original surgeon about your problems , can more surgery sort your problem. It is no good continuing in all that pain surely something can be done. We all go through enough when we have BC never mind things going wrong. Hope you get sorted.