5th rib now 3rd rib. High dose radiotherapy

Hi all, 

after a long wait I finally received my PET scan results. Not best of news and not the worst. There is another tumour in my 3rd rib. I’ve had secondary in my 5th rib over the past 6 years. Oncologist think high dose of radiotherapy will do the job. I had radiotherapy 12 years ago but feel it’s changed a lot since then. I’ve sailed through radiotherapy and chemotherapy in the past. I’m hoping I can do it again. Any advice or tips. Thank you.

I just did 10 rounds to pelvis.  It was not so bad compared to chest which was 35 rounds.  Even the dose was less 30% vs. 50%.  My skin didn’t even turn pink.  However it got my GI tract.  Still after 2 weeks having issues there.  You should do fine.