5yrs past now surgical menopause suggested at 37

Hi. I’m 37 and I had grade three breast cancer 5yrs ago. I really suffered with tamoxifen and came off it several years ago. My choice and V unpopular with cancer folk. I lost 3st and took up running instead! I am now suffering from endometriosis and gynae suggested full hysterectomy and hrt to minimise reoccurrence and to stop my endo problems. I agreed. Cancer team say big noooo. …surgical menopause and armidex suggested. I’ve had blood tests. I’m fertile and ovulating like a normal 37 yr old so powers that be are panicking about reoccurrence.

Question is do I do this and suffer menopause at 37 or should I push for low dose hrt like a lot of new research is supporting?

Any one experience similar?

Thank you

Hi leachsmythe

This is a tricky one.


I am 43 (38 when DX)  and also came of tamoxifin over 2 years ago  (my decision due to mood swings, 0 sex drive and irregular periods). Since I have been off tamox, my periods are regular, no mid cycle pains and my mood only dips when i am tired or stressed these days.


I have not told my onc team that i am off the tamox (my decision once again, despite tumour being highly oestrogen +). For me, it was about quality of life over suffering some SE’s ‘just in case’ BC returned.

My onc is not happy that my periods are regular or that i even have them and has suggested my ovaries are removed next year some time. I won’t agree to this as i feel that my body has been invaded enough over the years as it is. But she wants me in the menopause to reduce recurrence.


When you say surgical what does that mean for you? Ovaries out too?


i honestly don’t know what the best decision to make is leachsmythe, one that helps alleviate your endo problems i guess, so hysterectomy if it were me… difficult one!

Like Naz says a difficult one.  I don’t have endo problems so haven’t been in that position, but I know when I had chemo 4 years ago, it looked like it put me in the menopause and the flushes, mood swings, aching joints, thinning hair etc were horrendous.  I also gave up Tamoxifen because I couldn’t be doing with the side effects and for my sanity went for quality of life cover quantity of life.


Interestingly recently my periods seem to have come back, and with it every side effect has gone.  I feel all of sudden back to how I was when dx (I am 46 now by the way, was 42 at dx).


I haven’t told my onc, both about the periods or giving up Tam as she will go up the wall.  I may tell her when I see her in May next year (not sure yet).


What I would say the best decision will be the one you can live with yourself, personally I would go with the gynae team.  The cancer team will always say no to HRT, even though some things you read now say that it poses no risk, but  they won’t even entertain it.


Don’t know if that helps - hopefully it will.