6 Month Follow Up Appointment

Good Morning EveryoneI first used this forum last year while awaiting a biopsy result and everyone was so helpful and thankfully it was benign. 

I returned to regular screening March of this year where I had mamo and also ultrasound due to having dense breasts and family history,

At my appointment, there was a few things found, one mass of issoechoic tissue which they said may represent normal fibroglandular tissue. One hypoechoic mass that should some enhancement through transmission which they said is likely a complicated cyst with internal debris. Another mass which they said is a complicated cyst with internal debris, and another superficial cyst which they also said is likely a complicated cyst with internal debris, all in my right breast, one small mass in the left that has benign appearance. 
My report was given Birads 3, probably benign and follow up in 6 months which is in 3 weeks time. Probably why I am feeling a little anxious with it approaching. 

Was wondering was anyone in a similar situation as me, having all these most likely benign issues, and everything was finally marked as benign and back to yearly checks as opposed to 6 month follow ups to keep an eye on any changes. 

Thanks for taking the time to read my post and wishing everyone all the best xoxo


@Cleo82  - I’m not in your situation, but I’ve just read your post and wanted to send you some hugs. Waiting time and mammogram/testing time is always stressful and worrying, but I hope yours comes through benign again. This forum is here to hold your hand as you wait. Try to remember that fears are not facts - easier said than done, but stick with what you know rather than letting your mind run away with you. Evie xx

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