6 Monthly checkup

Hi all.
I have my 6 monthly checkup this week. Had lumpectomy + rads, + 5 yrs on tamoxifen. Anyone else @ this stage. What 2 expect at appointment, anyone know, is it mammo only or physical exam too? Feeling nervous, uptight again.

Hi Whiterabbit,
I think this varies a bit from place to place.

I had chemo then mx and recon then rads.

At my 6 month checkup - which was with BCN - she asked how I was, especially about the Tamoxifen se’s, then she had a good look at my scars and recon before checking me over - breast check and arm pit on ‘good’ side, lymph nodes above collar bones both sides.

She reminded me that I can call any time I am concerned. Then she booked my first annual check up - not mammo at my hosp for mx people, but at many hopsitals it is.

Hopefully someone will be along soon who has a better match of treatment.

Try not to worry to much (I know, easy said) and hope you get a good outcome.

I was diagnosed a year ago, had lumpectomy, rads now on tamox.
Had the op nov last year.Just been for another check up expecting to have a mammogram as its been a year but was told by the doctor that they do mammograms a year after surgery not a year after being diagnosed so I have to wait till November.
Hope it all goes well for you.