6 mth post op check

6 mth post op check I have my 6mth post op check up with mamm and blood test this thursday. I just feel sick and so lost as after the op I felt so positive about everything. But as I have had the appointment get nearer my brain has gone into over drive with worry. Apparently it will take a few weeks to get the results of the blood test, so I can only imagine what I will be like waiting for them.

Its so strange because now I wonder how I got through the chemo, op and radiation without having a break down. I feel as though it has all been delayed.

I am from Australia and hoping to head home next week for a few weeks (husband and childless) a kind of a get well present to catch up with all the family. Now I feel as though I should not be going.

Trying to stay positive…Shell XXX

Stay positive Shell.Is there anyone out there who breezes through checkups?I had my three and a half year one last month.You’d think I’d be used to them by now but I still freak out for weeks beforehand and have to go on automatic pilot just to get through the hospital doors! I had a morning appointment for my first mammo checkup, I sat up half the night getting absolutly smashed on red wine - the hangover next morning actually helped take my mind of what I was going through!!! Good luck girl- you’ll do it and come out the other end…and enjoy your holiday in Australia - you’ve earned it!
love from Josie x

loving the whole red wine thing Hey Josie

I am so loving the whole red wine thing. You sound like my kind of girl.

I am so aware that this is never really going to be over and there will always be some test just creeping around the corner.

I just hate the thought of jumping on plane going all the way to Australia and getting some letter that they need to see me again as something isn’t right with the results blood/mamo. All my family (husband included) have said I am crazy and to go and enjoy myself but I know I would enjoy myself so much more knowing that all was okay (at least for this 6 mths).

Thanks so much for the reply, it really made me feel positive.
Love Shell XX

Hope everything went well yesterday, and that you’re starting to feel a lot more positive about things…wish I was off to Australia - lucky old you! Hope you have a great time,
love Josie x

Fellow red wine lover! I don’t think there is an evening gone by since my diagnosis (9 months ago) that I haven’t had at least one glass of red wine.

In fact, last night I polished off a whole bottle to myself because my GP told me that the pain and discomfort I’d been worried about in my abdomen is only IBS!

I have my first 6 month check-up in August so I can relate 100%. I know I will be a wreck.

Hope everything went well yesterday and that you results are ‘boring’.

And don’t dare feel guilty about heading home for a holiday. Breast cancer has taken enough from you. Don’t let it take any more.

Lola x

I’ve got IBS too!..it’s the type thats up under your ribs on right side…and boy was I worried until they told me what it was - I bet no-ones ever been so happy with an IBS dx …and I didn’t need an excuse to open a bottle that night!
Josie x