7 week wait

Just had date through for bilateral WLE and it is 7 weeks away.  Have been put on Letrozole in the meantime.  I know this is outside target treatment time but is this the usual waiting time people are experiencing now because of backlogs etc?

It seems like an awfully long time to wait doesn’t it . I know during the height of Covid people were often put on hormone therapy to minimise risk whilst they awaited a surgery slot. I would have hoped things were more back to normal now . Have you asked why there is such a delay ,are they still saying this is due to Covid backlog ? 

That sounds like a cop out from the hospital…I was diagnosed on 25.5.20…in the height of first lock down…I was booked in for my surgery on 3.6.21 …a 14 day wait…covid 19 backlog should definitely not be an excuse 2 years down the line…I had my surgery at a private hospital ( on the nhs) this was designedv to keep cancer patients out of nhs hospitals and reduce covid risk…I’m sorry you are having to wait…it seems very unfair