7 Years On

I don’t visit here very often these days, but I just wanted to say I had my annual mammo a couple of weeks ago and all is fine again this year, so 7 years on now.


A bit stressful in the lead up to it as the appointment was a day before I was going on holiday, but I didn’t want to put it off. A few weeks previously I had a dream about my late mum sitting on the side of my bed, she was holding my hand. It spooked me a bit as my mum died 33 years ago and it is very rare for me to dream of her, last time was when my late father went into care with dementia 9 years ago. In the dream my dad walked past, maybe this was a good omen.


On holiday in Malta, I went over to Gozo for the day and visited the museum at the cathedral. There was painting of St Agatha, the patron saint of breast cancer and it was very disturbing as it was a graphic depiction of the Romans cutting her breasts off. My husband hated it so much he walked away from it, must admit again I was spooked. Weird thing is I hadn’t slept well for weeks (it’s the same every year when my mammo is due even after all this time), but I slept like a log that night and every night afterwards.


The result of my mammo came the day after we got back, maybe St Agatha was another good omen?


Best wishes to all.



Wow Cherub!

Thanks for sharing with us.

That was a really  hair tingling experience you just told then…


I am finding the whole post cancer journey is turning into quite a spiritual  one, i sort of see the world through different eyes if you know what i mean. Almost has if i have been re-born…


I am so pleased your mammo was clear, it bet that is one massive relief for you?

Take care

Naz xxxxx

I’m right behind you, in 2 weeks I will be 7 years since mascectomy.  Eileen 765 xxx