8 months on, 2 months off, 9 months on.... Letrozole

And I’ve had enough.

I had a meltdown at the GP today, when we were supposed to discuss therapy to help me in the sex department, and I found I couldn’t do it and walked out.  If only it was JUST the sex.  Which hasn’t happened in more than a year, I might add.  It’s the depression, the emotional seesaw, the painful hands, feet, thighs, head, fingers, BREAST.  It’s the abandonment.  Take the Letrozole for 5, no TEN years, we’ll see you next year.  It’s having back pain and being brushed off as being overweight.  It’s the fatigue.  It’s taking one tablet early in the morning before eating (although I’ve worked round this one) and then another one later when you can eat, never forgetting that you’re doing it because of cancer.  It’s being unable to bear being touched on that breast, on any breast, on any erogenous zone.  It’s not having erogenous zones.

It’s time to take my life back.  It’s time to enjoy the now, instead of trying to protect the then.


When my grandmother died we found a whole lot of unopened packs of corsets - she used to wear them all the time.  She kept the new ones for when the old ones wore out, but she died before she got there.  There is no guarantee the cancer won’t come back because of Letrozole.  There is pretty solid evidence I’ll be miserable the rest of my life if I don’t stop taking them.  I’m 58 years old.  The time to live is now!


Just sayin’.  :womanindifferent:

Hi pecan - I’ve just read your post and wanted to send you a big hug ?. I’m not sure I can say anything to help but I didn’t want to read and not reply. You make very good points and it is so important that we make the right decision for ourselves. I’m on Tamoxifen and nervous as my consultant is talking about changing my drugs. I really hope the side effects wear off quickly and you get “you” back as soon as possible.

Evie xx