8th day after first chemo

How are my ladies today?
I started to feel myself again on day 7 and today is day 8! I’ve just done my last GCSF injection until next cycle. It gave me a bad pain down from back of my head, through the neck to my back and just taken Ibuprofen which helps. Also aches in the belly where they are injected! A walk after injecting them also helps!
At first I was worried about doing them myself and still feel funny when I’m about to do them each time but it’s actually easy peasy and I was just working myself up!!! It’s strange when we have to do something we somehow get our head round to doing it! I chose not to have the district nurse come to do them so she can concentrate on somebody else.

Anyway, my taste buds are back thank goodness on the 8th day of first chemo but I’m eating at strange times and whatever I feel. I had Shepherds pie for brekkie at 9.30am and then went to Maggie’s Centre for Tai Chi lesson and met some lovely ladies. Came home hungry again after tea and cake there so have had some steamed fish and rice for lunch at 3pm. It’s a very similar hunger to when I was pregnant! And NO, I’m not pregnant! Im catching up for the 2 days I was only on Croissants and milk!!! And need to build myself up for next cycle in 2 weeks!
Already thinking what I want for dinner!!!Hmmmm!

Developed a rash around my buttocks but the Diprobase ointment from the GO seems to be helping for now!

My head is starting to tingle now, so the follicles may be starting to open up for my short hair to start falling out! Coconut oil, satin sleep cap, hats and wig are all ready waiting! Sponsorship is also coming in for Macmillan nurses! Might as well, it was coming out anyway! Been told to still wash your scalp when no hair so have got the very gentle ‘Simple’ shampoo and conditioner or baby shampoo!

So a summary of my week!
Metally taste in mouth from day one and then sour taste and taste buds totally went- Ginger drops, Ginger biscuits, Murray mints, pear drops, midget gems, skittles, starburst, choc minstrels, steamed fish, Shepherds pie, croissants, milk, Blueberries, Oreo Cornettos all helped towards the nausea and empty feeling! Things I don’t usually go for!

Just a couple of ulcers at the side of my mouth- Manuka honey, Biotene mouthwash, salt in warm water! Stayed away from crisps and deep fried food as they gave me ulcers and sore tongues in the past!

Slightly high temp on day 6 with tight chest and throat and neck so called hospital and paramedics took me to A&E, all tests ok so maybe a slight panic attack! Always call the team if you are unsure or worried! Digital thermometer a must!

Fatigue til day 6! Just napped when needed! V shaped pillow to prop up sometimes in bed or on sofa!

Loose stools on day 5, probably too much milk but that cleared up. My thoughts were I was just clearing out! Make sure you wipe gently though as you dont want a sore bum. I actually cleaned over with a cotton pad and soap after every stool and dabbled dry with toilet roll(sorry for the detail)

Must remember to get the third anti sickness drug Amend ready for my next cycle, they were suitable!

I’m still trying to get the wandering mind to stop but I don’t think it ever will and I’ve learnt to not plan anything and take every day as it comes! I found that being in control is also helpful, says she who had a panic attack but even just by reading other members posts on this forum has helped me tremendously!
There is still a long journey ahead and we are bound to have our up and down days but we need to remember that whatever trestment is given to us is the next step to recovery. Its just dealing with the emotions and everyday life in general (work, kids, people) whilst going through this which catches us out! And problems which weren’t problems seem a lot more serious and more difficult to solve when we are going through this difficult time but if we can try to balance a clear head whilst having treatment we will get there!

And deffo invest in lots of small, medium and large ANTI BACTERIAL HAND GEL for the home, the car and every handbag!!!

And different coloured rubber gloves for bathroom and kitchen!!! I mixed mine up last week when the doorbell went and panicked so threw them all out! BC does make you paranoid but I’ve always been like this with 5 star Food and hygiene at work:)

Sorry for ranting on but I hope some can be of use to you.

Hope you are having an ok day! Lots of love.CKxxx

Your posts are so welcome and I will be revisiting them before my chemo starts. Glad that you are feeling more like you again and I hope that you have a good couple of weeks before the next cycle.

Thank you Ck. This is so helpful . You are going through all of this but also helping us to prepare for our treatment too. I am going to shop and buy everything on the list. What are the rubber gloves for? Is it when cleaning in the kitchen and bathroom?

I am so glad you are feeling a bit better too xx

Love your posts! I have my oncology appointment on Thursday and will hopefully find out when I can start chemo to finally get cracking and get rid of it! Your posts are great to read to have an idea of what to expect. Please keep sharing

Cassie x


Evening CK


I love your updates!!! Been so busy the past week and a bit so I haven’t always been able to keep up with them real time but I think you’re performing a fantastic service for anyone about to go through chemo. Such great detail, even if sometimes it is a bit TMI!! ? xx

Hi ladies,
Glad my detailed posts may be of use to you even though maybe slightly too detailed but if you can avoid a sore bottom, avoid a sore bottom. Prevention is better than cure,lol???

It is great to have true honest advice. These things happen to us all and if being open about them can help others then go ahead and thank you.



I’m just catching up with posts as I’ve been lying low.


The GCSF I have to take is a once off injection Neulasta which is done 24 hours after chemo. I’ve had back and hip pain in the last 24 hours, but not sure it is GCSF related as I did the injection a week ago. I’ll go read the side effects in more detail and will mention to my nurse in case it’s related to something else. I mentioned on another post that I was now on pantoprazole owing to heartburn and gastric reflux and joint pain is an uncommon reported side effect.


My side effects went haywire around day 4 and 5, but not enough to stop me eating! I discovered a lemon and ginger soda that marks and spencers do and this tastes really nice and was good when I started to feel a bit of nausea on day 4.


Glad to hear diprobase is helping your rash!


I’ve had no tingling on my head yet, but I’m sure that will happen at some point.


Good to read your posts as always. I’ve kept a bit of a diary for myself, so I can compare with my next cycle.


Hope everyone else is well.


Rhona x

Hi Rhonaboat
I got excited when I saw you on another post as have been thinking about you.xx
It’s all new to us and we don’t know what to expect but next time round we will be more prepared. I too have a diary since day 1 which will help towards next one. What’s the weather like in Scotland. It’s beautiful in Stockport today. I need to do a few errands which helps when it’s not raining.

I’m going see about that lemon and ginger soda. Sounds quite nice and refreshing.

Hopefully you will be fine now and prepare your body for the next cycle.

Lots li love.xxx

Hi Rhona
The tingling has stopped for now but I’m still looking out for loose hair! Went out with just a hat tonight. Apparently I have a hat head and suit then! People can be so nice!

It’s good to hear your first chemo was manageable too! Let’s hope our next one is too!!!xx