9 days after 1st chemo & head so sore

I was wondering if anyone had any advice. I starte my first lot of chemo 9 days ago (EC I think) and my head has come out in so many spots, they are almost like blisters around my folicles. Every time my hair moves it hurts so much, I cant ever bare my head to be touching anything which is making sleep almost impossible. I was at hospital yesterday for a suspected water infection and the sister siad it could be foliclitis and I would need antibiotics but I didnt get any - when my other half phoned about it today I was told to go to my GP about it. Its so bad Im tempted to just shave my hair to see if this improves it. Thanks

it hurts and it seems so daft doesn’t it? I suffered the same pain with taxol the antibiotics did help and the blisters healed. I also get the blisters around my nose but lets hope you don’t have that problem.
Love Debsxxx

i have had 5 chemos 3 left. when my hair fell out i used olive oil to sooth my head and still shampoo and cond and wearing a silk scarf for bed did help. By the way now i have stared cmf and hair growing back quickly.
hugs Poppet x

Hi michelle, I started mine 10 days ago, and i too have a sore head, spots and blistery as you describe…and my hair is just starting to come out, not in clumps, but several hairs at a time if i touch it!I guess it won’t be long before it all goes and i just hope my head doesn’t look all scabby and horrid!

hi Michelle
I have had same problem as you i was not told my head would be sore, this came as a big shock. hair started to fall out 13 days after 1st chemo due for second session tomorrow.I too am debating shaving as whats left is so thin and pathetic looking. my wig is great however.Whats really annoying is no hair on head but armpits and legs are as hairy as ever and i have to shave. This blooming disease cant even deliver one positive. O well musn’t grumble lol.

I am 10 days after first EC - but used the cold cap. No symptoms of soreness so far. Just hope my hair stays in place.


ok, coming out by the handful today…and not just from my head!Thought I had a spider in my pants!!! lol

hi this is my first time signing in. started my first chemo on the 29th dec and i have just had my 2nd 10 days ago, i am also getting a very sore head and i have lost all my hair getting used to being bald now !!

No signs yet of losing hair from anywhere - think Narnia we started on the same day. It is on my mind constantly - the first signs -the first loss. Luckily no soreness either yet. Though I did eat half a jar of olives (thinking of the oil now) yesterday - and that may have helped.

Working at home again today- strange to still see London looking white.

Bright x

Hi kitty

i was like you with my hair soo thin and pathetic that i went for my wig fitting the girl said i was better to shave it off and she did now i look soo much better, i think it made me look very old and ill when it was all thin on top all my friend think i look gr8 without it and my new wig is good.

hope ur 2nd chemo went okay today

Take care lol

HI Michelleb03, like you my head felt sore mostly on the top about 10 days after 1st chemo (16th Jan) had already had hair cut quite a lot shorter, had 2nd chemo yeasterday and hair still falling out looks rather thin now and will probably all be gone by next week, its just depressing to keep hoovering up huge amounts of hair and pulling handfulls from the plug hole every time you shower, now reduced washing hair to twice weekly, but it is actually a lot softer, and everybody tells me that when it grows again it is oftenin better condition than before, as long as it removes the grey hairs I will be pleased, will save me a fortune in hairdressing bills!!. I am pleased with my NHS wig, but makes head itch so just wear at work, around the house I have a few knitted pretty berets. My partner is very understanding but has stated he may not be able to resist taking the p when I do lose the lot! he has already started commenting on the growing pope hole, little does he know us women hold onto comments like that and when payback comes we double them!! Anyway hope you are getting on well, chin up, whats a year out of our lives if we get another 30+ healthy ones. Roll on 2010 I say!!

About 12 days after my first taxotere my head started to feel so sore, and the hair was coming out in big clumps. In the end MOH shaved it all off, it was sad for us both but the relief afterwards was fantastic, no more sore itchy scalp!

I thought I would wait to let it all fall out by itself, but I hadn’t realised how sore my scalp would get, and all the face fulls of hair got on my nerves during the night.

It was better after it was gone, and in fact it started coming back just after my 6th and final tax. Now, 4 months later I have about a grade 2 all over. I hope its going to be curly and thick, but its early days still.

had enough today…looked like a baby orangutan, so shaved the lot off! Feels much better, but i admit to shedding a small tear over it.Never mind, it will grow back and I do have a wig to wear for high days and holidays!!

Narnia, you are not alone in shedding a tear over shedding hair! But, well done you for taking a positive step, don’t forget to stay out of the sun on sunny days, or cover up your head - LOL!

Take care

P x