9 days post op

Hi all,

I hope this message finds you all well. I am just looking for some help. I am now 9 days post mastectomy and immediate reconstruction using lat dorsi. And SNB. I’ve been taking it really easy but i think I may have done a bit too.much yesterday (only like emptying the dishwasher but I know this is naughty!) However, last night I was in agony with nerve type pain in my shoulder and nearby cramping type pain around the area they removed part of my muscle from. It’s eased today but still pretty sure. I’ve been taking codeine which does help but still not completely relieving the pain! I was just wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar & can suggest anything:(

Thanks! Xxx

Hi Hb1988

Sorry that you havent recieved a response yet.  I feel sure that someone will pop along soon to offer support.  In the meantime you may find it helpful to post a question in the Ask Our Nurses area of the Forum.  Or maybe talking to one of our specialists on our free Helpline, 0808 800 6000.

Best wishes
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Hi Hb,
I’ve not had quite the same as you, but I’m
2 weeks post op with immediate implant recon and I started getting a lot of nerve type pain shooting across the muscle. I asked my surgeon about it and she said it was the nerves coming back after the surgery and quite normal. Maybe it’s part of the healing process for you too. Saying that, so take it easy. Remember what you’ve been through (easier said than done I know!)x