A bad work situation - mark 2

A bad work situation - mark 2

A bad work situation - mark 2 Thank you all for your support an kind words.

I thought I’d update you on whats happened so far.

The Disability Rights Comission said they would look at my case if I wanted them to, so I’m compiling all my information.

My employers went back to their employment lawyers and now say they will reduce my sales targets by half but are writing me a formal letter and they are writing to my doctor to get a hold of my medical records as they need proof I’m still in recovery and to prove I have been ill whilst going through treatment.

I am still waiting for my lottery numbers to come up or a fantastic alternative job to come my way. I hate every day that I’m there and just wanted to be away from them. I have never come across a company like it. I think I would like to work for a charity. Breast Cancer Care you listening?

I had a hospital appointment today and one on Wednesday and they might as well have put thumb screws on me for the way I was interrogated! I have to provide proof of where I’m going and it is then detucted from my wage!

Roll on 2007 and new employment!

Karen x

Keep your chin up It makes my blood boil reading about your employer!! Good for you that’ you’re taking action against them. Try not to let them get to you. You’ve got more bottle than they have. An ex schoolfriend sent me a lovely message when I was diagnosed- “Quitters don’t win and winners don’t quit” Go get 'em!!!

Best of luck


I am taking my previous employers to a tribunal. I was a self employed person with a catering franchise. They terminated my contract while I was in hospital. They are saying I was not a worker provding a service. Also that I failed to fullfill my obligations as franchisee (hello! I had cancer and was in hospital with a temp of 39.6)
While in hospital and prior to this I was spending hundreds of pounds every week on agency staff. I think I did my best. I think every one should take their employers to task otherwise they will get away with treating people how they want.
Now I have forgotten what I am replying to so I will finish my rant.
All the best Louise