A bit happier than what i was a few weeke agom when first dx

Hi all,

Well tomorrow is the big day…im finally have my op. I’m having a wide local excision plus about 4 nodes removed. I have rung my bcn today and she made me feel much better. I was told i have a localised tumor which is in a small area of my breast, so feel a bit more positive. i know ive got to wait two weeks for my results but at least they are taking it out of me. Also hopefully they get a clear margin and that the nodes are clear…I think as the weeks have gone bt since i was diagnosed it does tend to get a bit better.I know it might seem weird thinking like this but it really does.It does prey on my mind but the way i see it is that the medicine and the technology is fantastic plus research is brilliant. It is excellent what they can do for breast cancer. i also think we are lucky to have the NHS…
The only way to get through this is to be very positive, i know its hard but it really does help…

Hope anyone who’s just being diagnosed are coping OK.

Karen x

oops sorry about my typing…lol…what it should say above is…a bit happier than what i was a few weeks ago when first diagnosed…

Hope it all went well today Karen. I really know what you are feeling. Those early days are so tough! I remember thinking if BC would be the first thing I thought of every morning for ever. It does get easier once you know they have a plan. I have just started rads - so nearly there and you will be there soon too . Big hugs.
Marian x

Hi Karen, good luck tomorrow hope it all goes well. I will be following you in a weeks time! xx

Good luck tomorrow Karen x

Hope all goes well x

Good luck today :slight_smile: hope all goes well x

hope all goes well karen, will be thinking of you alex xx

Hope all went well Karen, I’m still waiting on a date for surgery. Xxn

Thank you all very much for your lovely comments ladies. i am feeling better today, just a bit stiff…

Doodles. i do hope you get your op pretty soon…im just fortunate that we have the fast track clinics here. Apparently there are only 20 round the country. its all happened so fast…but i can honestly say im grateful to the NHS…xxx

Hi KB,

Just wondered how you’re feeling I’m sure lots of people are thinking of you. I go to Consultant on Monday its crawling around! Some ladies in the waiting room have had good news so fingers crossed I’ll be one of them. :slight_smile:

Foxy x

Hi Karen

I just saw your comment. Hope you are doing ok. I am still waiting for a date but I go for my pre op tomorrow and been told they have to operate before thev20th May but will most likely be in next 2 weeks. I am having mx with immediate reconstruction. Eek! Never had anything done in my life before so a bit nervous to the least, just want to get on with it! Xx

Hi ladies,

Hope you are all ok and remaining positive…thanks for lovely comments as per usual…:)…

i’ve got a bloody infection in my wound where they took nodes out…nothing too serious but i really could have done without it.Its a real pain in the arse because my lump was in my right boob so its been hard to do the simplest of jobs and ive had to rely on my left hand.hey ho…lol…think i may have got an infection because i havent been resting like i should. I am not a person who can rest, i hate it tbh…but hey ho…im just thankful that the horrible thing is out of my body.i guess we have to put up with the consequences of surgery…xxx