A Bit low

A Bit low

A Bit low Seen consultant today after cancelled op etc just over a week ago. Told that he can not make DIEP Flap which partially died any bigger. I know in my heart his explanation is right, but I hoped it might be different. He said as I have grade 4 cancer and only a short time diagnosed and all the other problems, he feels trying to make the flap any bigger could mean a loss of blood supply and the eventual removal of the flap all together. He was very helpful and went through various reasons. I had asked about Lipo but he says it is still in developmental stage and it could interfere with a diagnosis of any lumps as lipo often causes fatty hard deposits which look like cancer lumps. Lots of things he said to think about, but hey I suppose it’s just getting on with it.
Finished moaning!!!

Love Treakle xxxxx

Low Treakle Hello Treakle

I’m so sorry to hear this, truly. It must be terribly disheartening and you blinking well have a moan, you’re entitled, we all are but you can have my share for today. I’ll need it back tomorrow tho’ …

Last week, I printed the LD lipo thread and I tried to persuade my surgeon to consider it but he says whilst he has every respect blah blah blah for Eva W-M the technique’s long term outcomes are still very unknown territory and I suppose he is right. He did, however, give a glimmer of hope and said we’d re-visit in 2 or 3 years time if things changed. We all need hope for sure. Oh yeah and he corrected me (don’t they always) it’s called lipo modeling - I’ll never be a candidate for lipo suction but I’m trying hard. Pass the fudge …

Wishing you much much better things from now on.

Hi Treacle, i just had my first op yesterday, just to remove some lymphs, with this blue dye stuff, i feel like yuk, but i get the results a week on monday, then the next op on the 29th, and depending on if i need radiotherapy i will either have a silicone put in, then have the rads, then i will have to go back to have the back flap put in, so hoping and praying that i don’t need rads, you feel as down as you want, and don’t feel bad, you have every right to feel like you do, it seems that downs can far exceed the ups, but we’ll all get there one day

love and hugs


Hi Treakle So sorry things are not going too well for you. They give you stats for recons not going to plan, but you always hope you will not be one of them.

I had an LD recon with implant In Feb this year, at the same time having a reduction on the other side. My recon has gone a very funny shape and is pulling back under my arm. The whole thing has shifted and I can feel the impant - sometimes its very uncomfortable. I will have to have corrective surgery at some point after chemo and rads - been told that recon is rarely ever just one op.

The reduced boob is perfect - far too good for the other one to live up to. But I can see that you would prefer the recon to be bigger - have they ruled out an implant to the recon at some stage?

Moan away - it’s better out than in!

Take care

Anita x