A bit of Time Out from BC/Chemo!!

It seems that it is easy to get caught up in the conveyor-belt grind of chemo/rads and the unrelenting background worry for the future with BC. Sometimes, something happens that happily jolts you out of this new ‘norm’ and makes you feel like a human being again! I had one of those moments yesterday. It was my 8th wedding anniversary yesterday but both me and my wonderful OH had become ground down by the chemo (I’m on to my 5th a week on Monday) and needed a bit if a filip. Unbeknown to me, he had arranged for us to have a meal and see the show ‘We Will Rock You’ at the Hippodrome, Birmingham. He rang me at 3:30 yesterday from work to tell me to get my glad rags on be ready to go out. I hadn’t a clue, as I thought we were going to have a quick meal in a local pub and come back home. Instead we had a quick run up the motorway towards Brum. He let me do 20 questions on the way there. The Show was outstanding! We clapped, danced in the audience and totally forgot our ‘troubles’. I wore ‘Kylie’ (wig) for about the second time since getting her and I put on the make up from the LGFB workshop. I actually felt my ‘normal’ self for the first time in months. BC was completely forgotten for the hours we were there. The cast were outstanding and the whole performance uplifting.

I cannot say how this little ‘surprise’ changed my whole mood and gave me the strength to get through the rest of my ‘sentence’. I would just like to say ‘THANK YOU’ on here to my fantastic hubby, who is going through this with me and managed to find just the right thing to do to give me back myself for a while.

Aww that’s absolutely lovely! I’ve also had wonderful support from my OH. He’s been a hero right down to genuinely saving my life when I had a seizure and stopped breathing due to complications from chemo.

We’ve been married for 22 years and been through a lot in the last 2.5, bc and other awful family stuff, but we are still together and I wouldn’t have made it through treatment without him.

Sending your husband a virtual pat on the back and a hug for this and here’s another one for all those lovely OHs helping us through these bad times! :slight_smile:

Nymeria x

Thanks Nymeria,

Sometimes our partners get lost in all this cr*p and we get a little self-centred - as is necessary! I just wanted him to know exactly how much I appreciate his love and support. Without him, I wouldn’t say I couldn’t cope exactly but he makes it so much easier to endure.

All the best for all the ladies going through this together and for all their partners who are going through it with them.

Sue xx.

awhh thats lovely :smiley:
one day maybe… (hopefully…) my prince will come!
Been waiting blooming ages on him lol! Lynne