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Hi everyone
A friend of mine came to see my husband and myself today , he has just been diagnosed with bladder cancer , its such a shame he is a really super guy , not married , no children. very much alone . I have lost so many people to cancer its untrue. When he left my husband and i got talking , i was in a great deal of pain by the way still am , another cracked rib would you believe it , Thank God i got it now and not on the cruise 2 days ago. I really believe i have an Angel watching over me. Anyway going back to our friend , my husband said its really strange how you and everyone i know that has cancer or passed away from it is a certain type of person , i asked him what he meant and he said think about it , you are a big softie, caring and kind hearted, a bit of a worry guts and sensitive, just like our friend and other friends. I was just wondering if any of you have a simllar nature? It seems like you never hear of murderers getting cancer . Would love to hear your views lots of love x

Oh goodness…No, no, no. I don’t think particular ‘personality types’ get cancer. This is so misleading and does nothing to ensure that cancer is treated for what it is: a nasty disease for which there is as yet no known and certain cure.

Murderers get cancer too.


Oh gawd, this is like saying that a “positive attitude” means you are more likely to be so-called cured.

Cancer is random, even the familial ones could be said to be random. Cancer doesn’t have the power of reason, it doesn’t choose its victims for being nice or nasty.

I’d better not continue or I’ll cause offence.

Hi Carol,

I so understand why you have asked this question.

I have had cancer now for nearly 8 years (4 of those with secondaries) and I think even now I am still looking for the magic answer, reason, explination of why.

I have tried lots of alternatives to treating cancer and the reason why it has developed in the first place, some have helped, some just made me really mad.

The only conclusion I have come to is that we are all different, our cancers are different and our belief systems and coping mechanisms are as unique to us as our finger prints are.

We all have our own demons, illness, hardtimes etc but I think once under the cancer umbrella you will notice it more because of the awareness.

On a last note… Cancer effects 1 in 3 of us

Hi Carol

I understand your thought process. I have had this daft idea which i have been too embarassed to voice but what the heck, i’m going to now.

Looking at the pictures that people upload as their profile, i’ve noticed that a lot are pictures of pets, either that or it is mentioned in postings that forum members are dog/cat owners. Is this higher than the national average for pet ownership? Could the nurturing of a pet bring out our maternal instincts like caring for a baby, and could those instincts have changes in the breast similar to how milk production starts when you are pregnant?

I know you’ll probably think i’m nuts but I guess we are just looking for answers as to how we got to where we are.


Oh for goodness sake…pet ownership causes cancer! I despair.


Hi Carol, Not really sure what I think but find the thread fascinating and food for thought. Pat x

Look - I have one thing to say - who ever said life way fair? - it’s not! Life’s not fair - we have to deal with that. Jayne x

Well I think maybe we should get Cancer Research UK in on the idea that since several account holders on the BCC site are pet owners, or just purport to be pet owners, or like animal photographs so could pet ownership possibly be a factor that has influenced whether they developed BC or not.


I think this thread should be moved to Chit Chat or given its own heading of perhaps Searching For The Elusive Answer (I’m trying to keep this polite). Maybe I could recommend some reading “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise L Hay. This bullsh*t actually says that the probable cause of cancer comes from deep hurt, longstanding resentment yadda, yadda, yadda and that bunions come from a “lack of joy in meeting the experiences in life”, so sure why not, maybe cancer is linked in some weird way to pet ownership.

Oh dear. The latest drivel i was told that my cancer was caused by sugar !!!

I agree with Dahlia. Move this ridiculous thread to chit chat.