A fresh start for the website

Can you help us improve our website?

We’re working on rebuilding our website so that everyone who uses it is able to find what they need easily and quickly.

We’re going to be carrying short interviews (45 minutes, face-to-face or on the telephone) to find how people use the site, how they interact with the charity and how a new website could help them when searching for information or support or looking for ways to fundraise.

If you could spare 45 minutes to talk us, you’d be helping us make sure that our website meets all our users’ needs.

We’re looking to recruit a broad range of people who use our website.

To find out more and to take part in the interviews email websiteresearch@breastcancercare.org.uk and include a contact number


Many thanks for your help with this.



Forum Coordinator

Once the new forum was up and running the tech team turned to our website.  We are now in need of your help and the tech team have asked us to share the following request with you all.

We’re currently rebuilding the Breast Cancer Care website. We want our new site to be as user-friendly and informative as possible and to achieve this we need you!

We’re looking for people to take part in a live trial of the new website in Central London on 4th or 6th November. You will be asked to complete a few simple online tasks, the results from these tasks will help us to produce an easy to use site. The trial will be held in offices near Southwark tube station and will take around an hour.

To take part in this stage of testing or for more information, please email websiteresearch@breastcancercare.org.uk

Many thanks


Forum Coordinator