A funny lump and family stress!

Hi I am 37 who a found a lump a little while ago (6-8weeks). It didnt go away so after a visit to the doctor 10 days ago (who I was positive would say there was nothing there) agreed with me that she could feel something different in my right breast to my left breast and that I wasnt imagining it. On Tuesday I am off to the one stop breast clinic. They will do all the tests that are needed that day if I require any. The doctor thought my lump was Tubular shape? Its quite hard and doesnt move…worse is it feels bigger with soapy hands! Do you think its a cyst? I cant seem to find anything that will tell me what its likely to be, My Auntie had BC, and my mom benign lumps. Its on the right hand side (its not overly big). I have started shouting a lot this weekend…I think its nerves and my husband was crying saying he was worried. I have told him Im almost positive it wont be cancer so not to worry. Is this all normal? Sorry for waffling on, my head is just buzzing at the mo!

Hi suecoventry

Waiting for appointments and tests is really hard and everything you are feeling is normal. None of us on here can tell you whether your lump is a cyst or a benign lump or cancer. Its a hard time waiting…both for you and your husband. Yur doctor has done the right thing in getting you referred quickly.

Not too long till Tuesday now…you should get a mammogram, ultrasound and a biopsy or fine needle aspiration of the lump. Some one stop clinics give you the results the same day.

good luck


Hi Sue,

Like you I am having my tests done on tues 2pm. Hoping to find something out on the day, cant bear the thought of waiting two weeks for results.

I found my lump around 3 weeks ago and thought it was because my period was due, so went tosee doctor on Wed. she referred me right away and am at hospital on tues, quite pleased with speed. My doc doesn’t seem to think mine is a cyst, I think they are painful? mine is on my right breast, just to the side but behind aereola so i think mine is to do with my ducts… will let you know.

Also like you, I have had my husband very worried with me trying toreassure him. so what i did last night, I found out lots of info on different lumps from internet and printed out relevant ones, we then went to bed early and sorted through them, I think after being totally honest with him and sharing the info with him, he doesn’t feel left out feeling the worst… He says he feels more positive because he can see that most of these cancers are curable. We have both been talking about it openly to each other also today, and this has helped me immenseley. I feel that I have crossed a bridge today from trying to reasure him and pretending it is all ok. -to- being able to look forward and think about my feelings without worrying about others. You need to put yourself first sometimes.

Do you have any children, these can take your mind off it for a little while. I have five aged from 18 years down to 6 years. but at night I lie awake thinking… this is where this site is brilliant…

Good luck for tuesday

I will be thinking of you while having my own tests done.

Linda C

The facillitator sent me this link to a brilliant leaflet. have a look and hope it helps.


best wishes

Linda C

Thanks everyone…I know we are not alone and its nice to know there is somewhere outside of the family you can turn to for support!

Goodluck Lida, I will think of you also…fingers crossed for us! Mines 9.30 and my mom is coming with me.
My children are between the ages of 17 (nearly 18) down to 8. Its true the waiting is the hardest thing.
I will come back and let you know…Hope you do xxx
Sue F

Just wanted to wish you best of luck for tomorrow.

My husbands parents have travelled over 300 miles to stay with us and look after children so hubby can come with me. that is so nice, and i know i am so lucky. glad you have support too.

I will let you know how I get on when I get home. (should be after tea time)

Best of luck


hi linda and sue
just wishing u both well tomorrow and i hope u both get good news,please let me know how u both get on. i will say a wee prayer for both of u tonight. sending u both happy thoughts.
god bless.

I also want to send my best wishes to you both for tomorrow - here’s hoping for a good result.


Gwyn xxx

Will be thinking about you both

Love Kay x

Hi all

Thanks for your support and wishes everyone. All went really well. I had a large cyst which is draining its self…they were suprised I had no pain. They have told me to keep on checking incase of new lumps and always go back and have them checked. They have said something about the start of benign tissue changes? Not sure what they really meant but am told I dont have any sign of cancer. Now that I know I feel so relieved.
I will think of you all that wasnt as lucky as myself and wish you all every success in your treatments. :slight_smile:


PS Togglepin…I hope you to had good news!

Hi Its me Linda

So glad to hear your news Sue, it is fantastic. :0

I have good news also. Mine is just a fatty lump or a large milk duct… Will start a new post to tell todays story,

I am so pleased that we are both alright, I was convinced at least one of us had bc and I thought it was me… how wrong I was and how relieved. I feel like I can pick up on my life again.

I do have to say though I couldn’t have coped if it weren’t for the friendly chats on this site. They made me feel normal, and helped me through, I am sure you feel the same sue.

Thank you everybody for all your support. I havent come away from this with nothing, i feel i have made friends.

Best wishes to you all


I was diagnosed back in October and want to put an end to the myth that breast cancer is not painful. I found my lump in the shower and it was painful from the start, so I encourage any one to get any lump checked painful or not

linda and sue so glad to hear yr good news.maybe u could look in on this thread sometime, u never no u could offer advice to others who may be feeling the way u both felt. good news always gives hope.
take care both of u
best wishe

hi mary
when i found my lump it was extremely painful to touch the doc told me that was a good sign as bc is not painful. but due to the size of the lump 10.cm he decided just to give me a scan just in case. that was really lucky as it showed up suspious solid mass and bc was dx within 2 days. if in doubt get it checked out.

It is worrying when gp is saying it is not painful - that should not happen


I would like to add that my lump was painful because it was a cyst with a tiny bit of cancer embedded in it. The cyst was very tender, which misled my GP at first. Can’t blame him though because my case is extremely rare. Being the worrier that I was and the fact my mum had bilateral BC, I pleaded with him for a referral.


They have left my cyst as it seems to be colapsing. Just a question.Why did they drain the fluid on yours? Did your cyst show evidence that it looked more sinister ? I havent had my drained so no biopsy will be done.

Sue x